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How to write a narrative essay

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Writing an essay is extremely useful because it allows the author to learn to clearly and competently formulate ideas, structure information, use the main categories of analysis, identify cause-and-effect

relations, illustrate the notions with the corresponding examples, argue to explain thesis statements and to describe the scientific style of the writing language.

Essay – first, a self-contained writing abstract-analytical work that shows modern stage of a concrete reverse author’s theme, revealing it on reflexive level helps to find answers to many questions.

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An essay is a short prose work that has a solid composition and expresses the author’s personal point of view and feelings about a particular cause or issue, and does not claim to be an exhaustive and definitive interpretation of the subject. The aim of the essay is to provide information or explanations.

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More about good essay

The original riches of essays are a small volume, a solid composition, and an uncommon manner of thinking. Essay style is distinguished by its imagery, aphoristic, using fresh metaphors, new poetic images, clear direction to the wordy tone and vocabulary. The author’s personality comes to the forefront. Emotionality, expressiveness, vivid imagery is achieved by using metaphors, comparisons, allegorical and parable images, symbols, coherence in expressing discursive thoughts.

  • There are the following kinds of essays: formal and informal.
  • Characteristics of a formal essay: a small volume (7-10 words); a free form and style of presentation; a solid structure; a binding request: the presence of the author’s position.

The construction of the essay

  • Introduction, which is necessary to substantiate the choice of topics, correctly formulate the thesis;
  • The main part, which is used to formulate an opinion on the problem posed and to present your arguments:
  • Summarizing the conclusions in accordance with the topic.

The instructions for the writing of the essay

  • To understand the purpose of writing, which is to convince the person who reads this book that you understand the theme of the essay.
  • Respectfully read the topic of the essay, find the keywords, and think about the problem.
  • Write a thesis statement on the paper, preferably with some proofs that will help to clarify the topic of the essay.
  • Style and lucidly note the arguments and examples.

Suggestions for creating an essay

  • the essay should begin with the introduction, which should outline the general approach to the topic, the introduction should contain the problematic task and the answer to the question posed. The thesis statements.

The thesis clearly defines the limits of the essay. The author is not entitled to describe everything that he knows about the scope of the given topic, but only what will be a creative response to the topic.

Throughout the whole essay it is necessary to illustrate the connection between the given facts and the theme.

  • the main part of the story is used to convince the reader. For this purpose, the author has to use a variety of arguments. First, the main ideas and facts should be presented to prove these ideas.

The scope of the essay should not be too large (although there is no clear framework and limitations on the scope of the essay).

Useful tips for a good essay

Rules that must be followed when writing an essay:

  • The introductory part should be stiff, but expressive and have a central metaphorical image.
  • The last word of the introduction and the first word of the main part must be organically connected. The essence of the link: an explanation of the legitimacy of the metaphor.
  • The length of the main part is not regulated, but it is necessary to keep in mind: with a larger length the essay loses the lightness of the genre.
  • The main part is connected to the conclusion not only by the way it is thought, but also by the way it is phrased (through the central image).
  • Everything has a voiced ending. In this case, it does not matter whether the ending is a summary of anything, questions, or the remaining unfinished reflection. A good variant of the conclusion is considered to be the use of aphorisms and quotations.

Using of language in the essay

  • An important role is played by comparisons.
  • Great attention is paid to the inner meaning and the outer shell of the word. Playing with words at the level of original comprehension of the topic.
  • Author’s use of the word, when there is a need to add certain accents, and of the word, when it is necessary to emphasize the loss of greatness or personal value. 4.
  • Author’s use of sectional signs, paragraphs.
  • Contextual use of figurative and expressive means. Don’t be afraid of “joining the unjointed”; the unjointed can be exactly the most interesting in the context of reflection.
  • The use of complex syntactic constructions and incomplete phrases, interrupted phrases; use of the entire arsenal of insertion words, isolated members of the speech…
  • One of the main aspects is the sensory-memory approach to teaching.

Writing a novel instead of an essay is not difficult, but who needs it, right? To begin with, it is necessary to understand the difference between them. Essay – the author’s point of view, his statements, and requests to use them to impress the reader. Its content carries in itself a courageous, comprehensive answer to a certain question. And the novel – the analysis: the same point of view of the author, but in the context of a certain attitude.

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