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Key Point For How to Ask a Guy What His Intentions Are?

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It’s invigorating and ultimately a lot of fun to get to know someone new. It’s all great because you’re trying new things, going on dates, and experiencing intimacy with someone new. You suddenly realize you’re developing feelings for this individual, and before you get too excited, you’d like to find out if they feel the same way! Perhaps things have been particularly flirty with someone you’ve known for a long time, and you’re curious if they’d like to take things a step farther than flirting.

It can be unsettling not knowing where you stand with someone, regardless of the situation; therefore, you must certainly sort it out. But how are you supposed to approach them? After all, don’t guys get nervous when you inquire about their motives?

No need to derail, as this article will help you answer the query of how to ask a guy what his intentions are, avoiding getting into an awkward situation.

Understand The Vibes

Before you jump right in and ask this man how he feels about you, it’s a good idea to figure out whether or not he’s truly attracted to you. You can be very certain that he is attracted to you if he spends a lot of time with you, flirts with you, supports you, favors you, and always wants to see you. You should give it some more time if he isn’t showing these indicators.

Check His Relationship Status Beforehand

This may seem self-evident, but many people mistake not checking to discover if the person they’re interested in is single. You don’t want to show as if you’re trying to break up a relationship, and you certainly don’t want to develop feelings for someone who is seeing someone else, so make sure they’re single.

Emotional Conversations

Before talking to him about how he feels about you, it’s critical to have emotional dialogues with him. You need to understand him clearly, so persuade him to open up to you by talking about anything irrelevant to the two of you. When you wish to ask him how he feels, maybe he’ll be more open and less susceptible to you.

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Drop Hints

It would be great if you didn’t have to approach this subject with this man and instead could get him to flip around and tell you how he feels without putting yourself out there. If you leave signals that you like him, you might be able to make it happen.

Flirt with him, spend quality time with him, prioritize him, and, at first, show him that you like him via your actions rather than your words.

Give Time

If you’ve been dating or flirting with him for more than a month and nothing appears to be progressing naturally, you should talk to him. Make sure you don’t jump the gun and give things time to develop organically between the two of you. It’s not the right moment to ask him how he feels if you’ve only been dating for two weeks.

Ask In Person

If you’re worried about asking him about his plans, you can consider doing it via text. However, this is not the time to text. To pick up on all of his nonverbal cues, you need to be face to face. Is he wary of making eye contact? Is he going to shift the subject? It’s much more difficult to evaluate someone’s reaction to the text, and it’s easy to be dismissed.

And, if you truly want to be in a meaningful relationship with him, you must be able to have unpleasant conversations with him, which are unavoidable in every engagement.


Terms Of Commitment

Do you really want to spend years putting up with a commitment phobe only to have him marry someone else after three months of dating them? This is a very normal inquiry after ten dates. Parting ways may be the best option if he becomes irritated.

Feelings Regarding Relationship

Inquiring about a relationship’s state is an indirect approach to being forthcoming. For individuals who are uncomfortable asking where a relationship is headed explicitly, this is a decent option that elicits the same information. It’s straightforward, and it reveals a person’s true intentions.

Ask Regarding Marriage

Marriage is a huge step, but by the 10th date, you should be asking your spouse how they feel about the institution – especially if you’re not young and want to start a family. It could be time to pack your belongings if he sputters and chafes at the mere notion of a married relationship.

Ask About Previous Relationship Experiences

After a few months, digging into former relationships seems to sense. After all, you don’t want this guy to become the next Dirty John! But don’t pass judgment on him because of his unsuccessful relationships. There’s a distinction to be made between sociopathic con artists and folks who have had bad love luck.

Nonetheless, this inquiry can reveal how he thinks about you compared to his previous love relationship.




Vacation Plans

You’ve been in a growing relationship for a couple of months and are both working adults, so maybe it’s time for you to take a vacation together? Introduce the subject and see where it leads.

Is he bothered by it or enthusiastic about it? If it’s the former, he might not be as interested in you as you’d like. The latter, on the other hand, bodes well for the partnership.

Asking the 5 Year Question

The five-year question is typical to practice, so don’t be afraid to ask it. If he envisions himself newly married with a child on the way in five years, and that’s what you’re searching for as well, it could be a match.

If his goal includes driving from Fairbanks to Patagonia in an RV, his wanderlust may outnumber his readiness to commit.

Age, on the other hand, matters. Our hypothetical cross-country trip makes perfect sense for someone in their twenties — or seniors. However, if a man is still emphasizing adventure in his 30s and 40s, you may need to delve a little below the water to see if it’s an all-consuming desire that will outlast marriage.

There’s nothing wrong with going on adventures, but if you’re hoping to mosey down the house-kids-car-pool path, you might want to reconsider.

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