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New Or Used Car – What Should A Student Choose?

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Buying a car in college is probably one of your most important decisions yet. The excitement of owning a car could leave you confused on whether to buy a new or used one. All aspects of these two vehicle categories will differ. The differences, ranging from initial cost to technology, style, and maintenance, will define your experience.

The difference is not always clear. Some of the used vehicles could still be more expensive than new ones based on the model. Your situation will also determine the choices you make. For instance, a student starting a business might want to cut cost by buying an already modified-used van. You must be wondering; can i buy research paper online Writing services will take care of the assignments, allowing you to participate in more activities besides academics while in college.

Here are some of the cardinal considerations when making a decision to buy a new or used car in college.

Initial Cost

The initial cost of owning a car is the biggest lump sum expenditure you will make in the lifetime of the vehicle because it goes up to tens of thousands of dollars. Maintenance costs can be done out of pocket. The cost difference between a new and used car of the same model is wide. It means digging deeper into your savings or getting a bigger loan. If you have other expenses like setting up a business or paying your tuition, you are likely to consider a cheaper used car.

Your credit rating might also not allow you to get as much money to buy the high end vehicles. At the same time, you can get a higher grade old car with the same amount you would use for a new car. If you can raise a reasonable amount, there are better higher end vehicles that will fit your profile on college.

Customizing a new car could also cost you a decent sum. In case you find an already customized used vehicle, it will reduce your expense. Search widely to get the best value for your money. Review the features of the new vehicles and compare to similar specs on old cars. You will make a better decision.

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New cars are cheaper to maintain. They are prone to fewer damages because they are yet to travel longer miles. Their parts are also new and protected by the manufacturers. Wear and tear have not taken a toll on the cars.

Fuel consumption is one of the biggest votes when maintaining a car. New cars are fuel-efficient because the engines are still intact. The high MPG rating will mean that you spend less. The engine will remain consistent since other factors like accidents or age have not interfered with the engine. You can, therefore, predict your consumption and budget accordingly.

Used cars are likely to cost more during maintenance. Some have been in accidents while others have suffered under the weather. You may be required to take the vehicle to the garage immediately upon buying. While the initial cost is not high, you may spend more in the long run on maintenance. Some of the replacement parts may also be out of the market. It will require more time to get it back on the road once it breaks down.


Modern cars come with technology specs that define your experience. The technology determines its maneuvers, interior appearance, displays, and fuel consumption, among other aspects. Safety has also been enhanced by the technology incorporated in a car.

New cars come with the best technology you can desire or imagine. However, the technology comes at a price. If you desire the latest technology, you go for the new car but prepare to pay the price.

Old cars use outdated technology. However, depending on the age of the car, the technology can be upgraded. In other cases, the technology gap is not noticeably different. The latest features on a car, including technology will affect the cost.


Each vehicle brand or series will elicit a unique sense of pride. Many of the new cars come in stylish designs that will capture the eyes of passersby. The inside of the vehicle also feels different when new.

While new vehicles may be considered stylish, there are unique vehicle series that beat any of the newest models. Vintage vehicles are sometimes more expensive because of their designs and specs. They are a spectacle whenever you drive around school. In that case, the choice is not between a new and old vehicle. It will depend on your passion to capture the vintage vehicle.


Business persons have fewer options when looking for cars. Technicians and businesses that require delivery are likely to face a huge bill when buying new cars. At the same time, old cars might not be as efficient because they are already worn out. Customers might also want to associate with newer cars. A business should consider the value that comes with owning a new vs a used car.

An old car will save the business money. This allows you to expand your reach and boost capital. However, you do not want an old car that will constantly breakdown, hindering your operations.

Personalized Features

Vehicle manufacturers allow you to specify the features you want for new cars. These are high end vehicles that you order from the factory. Such specific features come at a price. However, the offer is not available for used cars. The extent to which you can personalize a used car is limited. Consequently, you will not get the specs you desire.


The insurance you pay on a car will depend on its age. New cars are more expensive because of their value. Insurance will be paid at the beginning of the year. As such, you need more insurance money when buying a new car than a used one.

New cars are expensive at the beginning but have lower maintenance costs. On the other hand, you can get better value for money at a used-cars yard. As such, balance between your preferences and budget. Search widely to get the best value for money.

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