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Monday, April 22, 2024

Nvidia 4090 Benchmarks May Take the World by Storm

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The much anticipated Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 is scheduled for release in October 2022 and already rumours are flying as to just how good it is. The problem with rumours of course is that sometimes they are true and sometimes they are exaggerated and sometimes they are fact free. Happily, the Nvidia 4090 is believed to be the next big thing in graphic processing units(GPU). In fact, it could be argued to be a generation ahead.

Nvidia 4090 Benchmark Rumours

According to 3DMark a company that creates “impartial, relevant, and accurate” benchmarks for the IT industry, this GPU is the best yet and Nvidia’s flagship card will take the gaming, online gaming, and cryptocurrency worlds by storm.

3D MarK’s Test

Using Time Spy Extreme to compare GPUs, the Nvidia 4090 scored a rumoured 19000 points. To put this into perspective, the next GPU Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti scored 11,400. Although there have been some questions on whether the tested GPU was overclocked and details on the specific model are unknown, there can be no denying that the card is leagues ahead of any predecessor.

It is rumoured to feature 16384 CUDA cores which could be a contributing factor to the performance in the test.

So what does this mean for the gaming, online gaming, and cryptocurrency industries?


This card promises to offer fans of games an amazing experience. It should be able to handle highly detailed graphics and move them smoothly. Frame rates hitting 165 at 4K are being banded around. If true, this truly is an evolution in graphics handling.

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The better GPU the more detail can be put into games and computing generally. We could see a new age of gaming emerge where better more photorealistic graphics and better utilisation of technologies such as VR are realised.

Online Gaming

Whether you’re playing slots UK or slots anywhere else, live play, or graphical gaming the better the card the more stable your connection, and the better your experience. It is a fact that the better your machine the better your gameplay experience will be, so having an Nvidia 4090 will mean slots will spin more smoothly, HD streaming will be vastly improved and more reliable, and a lot of the load will be taken off the rest of your online gaming setup.

Graphical online gaming will see similar improvements as with conventional gaming, as well as reliability improvements with the gaming system overall.


Cryptocurrency trading and mining will see significant gains and reliability improvements. Crypto mining requires incredibly powerful rigs to make meaningful money, and GPUs are at the heart of the process. The better and more powerful the rig, the more crypto can be mined.

In terms of trading, like online gaming the better more reliable your processing power the better you can transfer funds to and from the exchange. Moving funds into a crypto wallet is always a nerve wracking experience, and this is alleviated a little with a good internet connection and sound rig.

If the GPU is as good as rumoured, then exciting things will happen in computing.

Fingers crossed.

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