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Should My Teeth Touch When Mewing?

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Mewing is a technique that has become common over the years. It’s a simple way to align your jawline and get that desired shape. It takes a long time before seeing results, but the method has proved effective.

So which is the correct way of Mewing? Would it be okay if your front teeth touched while Mewing? Mewing.coach takes a closer look at the effects of Mewing, the right way of doing it, and whether your teeth should touch or not. Keep on reading to find out more;

How to Mew

  • Close your mouth and ensure that you’re relaxed.
  • Move your bottom front teeth slightly behind the incisors in your upper jaw.
  • Flatten your tongue by pressing it against the roof of your mouth. You will feel muscles contracting.
  • Move your tongue behind your teeth. You should move the tip without touching it and place it in a position you would when pronouncing the sound “n.”
  • Hold the tongue in position for as long as you want. Start with a shorter period of about 20-30 seconds. As you continue to mew, it will get easier. You can maintain the position for longer durations.
  • You can then repeat the exercise several times a day. Do this for a few years daily, and you will start seeing results. With time the tongue movement becomes natural, and you can easily do it.

Should your teeth touch when mewing?

Yes, your teeth should touch while Mewing. However, it would be best if you did not place your teeth harder against each other. Place them in a way that they gently touch during the process. The bottom incisors should rest against your front incisors. Do this to avoid gnashing of teeth when Mewing.

Can Mewing Hurt Your Teeth?

Experts believe that Mewing will not cause any harm to your teeth, provided it is done correctly. Your teeth should press gently against each other to prevent the crown from scraping off while Mewing. There’s still a debate on whether Mewing is the best method to get desired results. Many suggest that medical practitioners will guarantee immediate results.

Wrapping Up!

Training your tongue can help you improve your breathing and appearance through Mewing. It may change the appearance of your jawline after many years of doing it. However, you should maintain consistency and do it correctly to get the best results. Mewing the right way involves your teeth not touching during the process. This could lead to other dental-related problems.

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