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Surrogacy: Compelling Reasons to Use an Agency for Surrogacy

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Over the years, surrogacy has become an increasingly popular family building option—especially for intended parents who have a deep desire to create a family but cannot conceive or carry a child. When it comes to surrogacy, there are two main options available: working with a surrogacy agency or pursuing an independent surrogacy arrangement. While both options can lead to successful surrogacy journeys, surrogacy via an agency is the option many intended parents choose.

Here are a few compelling reasons why people use an agency for surrogacy.

Why Do Intended Parents Choose Surrogacy?

  • Infertility – Many people choose this family building option because they are unable to naturally conceive a biological child of their own. Surrogacy can offer intended parents a way to have a biological child.
  • Same-Sex Couples – Studies show that surrogacy is an increasingly popular family building option for many same-sex couples, especially male same-sex couples in the UK. Surrogacy gives couples the chance to raise children who share the same genetic material as one of the intended parents.
  • Medical Conditions – Certain medical conditions can make it unsafe for a person to carry a pregnancy to full term. Surrogacy can offer a safe and viable alternative that won’t jeopardize the intended parent’s health.
  • Genetic Conditions – For individuals or couples who carry genetic conditions that they do not want to pass on to their offspring, surrogacy can offer a way to have children without the worry of passing them on.
  • AgeAge is a major factor when it comes to pregnancy. Studies show that pregnancy-related complications increase with a person’s age. Surrogacy offers intended parents a way to have a child at any age.

As highlighted above, intended parents may choose surrogacy as a way to have a biological child when other options are not possible or desirable. Another reason why people choose surrogacy is if one or both of the intended parents have been unsuccessful when trying fertility treatments.

Although independent surrogacy may be a feasible choice for certain intended parents, there are several potential risks related to this approach. Independent surrogacy often involves personally locating a surrogate, negotiating the surrogacy agreement’s terms, and overseeing all aspects of the procedure. All in all, this can be a challenging and intricate process—particularly for people who are unfamiliar with surrogacy. Surrogacy entails several legal considerations, such as contracts, parental rights, and adoption proceedings. Not to mention surrogacy laws vary from state to state.

Surrogacy agencies employ legal professionals who can help intended parents and surrogates navigate these matters and make sure all legal requirements are fulfilled. This can be particularly important in cases where surrogacy is not legally recognized or is subject to complex legal requirements.

Professional Support Is Readily Available

Apart from helping intended parents and surrogates with complex legal matters, another major advantage of working with an agency is the expert assistance they provide throughout the surrogacy process. A surrogate agency employs skilled professionals who possess extensive knowledge in all areas of surrogacy. Their professional support extends to medical and legal considerations and emotional support for surrogates and intended parents. Professional support can be incredibly helpful when navigating the complex surrogacy journey, and it can improve an intended parent’s chance of a successful outcome.

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Less Associated Risk

When it comes to surrogacy, working with an agency can reduce the risk of complications. Surrogacy agencies have established protocols for dealing with any issues that may arise. This helps to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

Matching Services

To ensure compatibility, surrogacy agencies have a meticulous matching process that involves evaluating both intended parents and potential surrogates. This process can reduce the risk of potential conflicts during the surrogacy process. This matching process will help ensure both parties share the same values, goals, and expectations. In contrast, independent surrogacy may not provide the same level of support as surrogacy via an agency. With independent surrogacy, intended parents often need to find a suitable surrogate by themselves.

A Database of Healthy and Qualified Surrogates

Many surrogate agencies have a rigorous vetting process in place for potential surrogates. This process often involves medical and psychological screening to ensure all candidates are fit and healthy. In turn, this increases the success rate of surrogacy.

Financial Protection

Independent surrogacy often requires no agency fee or other related expenses as the intended parents locate a surrogate by themselves. Choosing an independent surrogate may appear to be a cost-saving option, but intended parents should consider potential risks and unanticipated expenses, such as unexpected medical bills. Surrogacy via an agency may initially be more expensive, but it can lead to a smoother and more successful surrogacy journey with fewer unexpected costs. Many surrogacy agencies offer financing options to make surrogacy more affordable for intended parents. Working with an agency can offer intended parents financial protection by providing transparent pricing structures. With a Surrogacy Agreement, they can also ensure all parties are fairly compensated.

Counseling Services

Surrogacy is an emotional journey for both intended parents and surrogates. It is not uncommon for all parties to face emotional challenges throughout the process. To address this, surrogate agencies offer counseling services with trained professionals who can provide emotional support and guidance. These professionals are equipped to help both parties navigate any emotional challenges that arise during the surrogacy journey. In turn, the process is less daunting for the surrogate and the intended parents too.

Agencies Provide Ongoing Support for All Parties

Embarking on a surrogacy journey can be challenging for both intended parents and surrogates. Intended parents may find it difficult to trust someone else to carry their child, while surrogates may experience typical pregnancy symptoms, like mood swings and negative reactions to medication. By choosing to work with a surrogacy agency, both parties can receive ongoing support from a qualified team of professionals. This assurance can help intended parents and surrogates navigate any emotional or physical challenges that may arise during their journey.

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