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Why is Christmas the most wonderful time of year for gamers?

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Christmas means having time off work and probably spending it with friends, family or our partners. As part of the celebrations, we’re likely to indulge in a few treats, watch too much TV and open plenty of presents. It all sounds pretty cool and relaxing, but if you’re a dedicated gamer, you’ll also relish the opportunity to get in a few longer sessions on your console. From organising your collection to playing forgotten vintage titles and sharing your passion with the family, Christmas can be a truly joyous occasion for gamers.

Inspire the next generation

Younger relatives are always keen to try out their gaming skills and will soak up your superior knowledge like little sponges. So, why not slip on your Jedi Master cape and spend some quality time with your padawan. Whether it’s your cousin, niece, nephew or younger sibling, teaching them how to use the controls properly and playing age-appropriate games together can build bonds. Moreover, you get to do what you love while also having a good time with the relatives – double win.

Bust the boredom of long car journeys

Unless you are lucky enough to live within walking distance of your entire family, at some point, a long car journey as a passenger will be on the cards. On the motorway, you can spend a few hours playing apps on your phone, but these quickly drain the power – so what’s your alternative? Consoles like the Switch are lightweight, portable and have excellent battery life. To pass the time, fire up your handheld to complete that tough quest, follow that intriguing storyline more closely or try out a new game entirely. If you’re staying away for the night or longer, don’t forget your charger!

Casinos celebrate the festive season too

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Betting online can be great fun at Christmas. Most casinos are ready to get you in the seasonal spirit with themed bonuses and promotions, as well as decorative festive flourishes. Take a look at Poker Compare this holiday season for an extended portfolio of games and excellent customer service. You’ll find exciting new releases, alongside a selection of traditional table games from top software providers.

Get the party started!

Console party games are designed to be easy and fun for all ages and abilities. This makes them perfect for bringing the whole family together and brightening up a dull Christmas afternoon. Plus, it will ensure you avoid board games, reruns of 1970s Christmas specials and the inevitable festive walk. Nintendo titles such as Mario Kart and Mario Party are perennial classics that will entertain and charm in equal measure.

Calm down from a hectic day

One of the most difficult parts of Christmas is winding down at the end of the day. For many of us, the extra food and drink, as well as socialising with large numbers of distant relatives, can be overwhelming. To take a step back and have a break from it all, spend an hour or two engaging with a game you really enjoy.

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