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5 House Renovation Shows in the UK Where You Can Learn More about Interior Design

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Reality TV programs remain interesting, which holds for shows relating to interior designing. It’s both a feat and astonishment to see the sheer difference between before and after visuals. While these features are entertaining, some individuals see them as a source of key ideas and concepts that can be useful. It’s also an inspiration to conceptualize and design more.

Thus, this article is either for the reality show binge watchers or starting house designers as it talks about five renovation shows to learn about the industry.

Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate

Sarah Beeny hosts a BBC show, “Renovate, Don’t Relocate” where the topic centers around her profession. This is a show where homeowners who want to relocate to another house seek the consultation of a professional interior designer for possible renovation ideas. Each of the homeowners per episode always has a budget of allotment, which will also be a decisive factor in adhering to Sarah Beeny’s advice.

What’s great about the show is the utilization of floor plans and movement traffic as another factor in giving pieces of advice for the homeowners. Beeny also uses virtual walkthroughs of the floor plan, and 3D human-sized models to best represent the idea before putting it into execution. 

Grand Designs

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“Grand Design” is a popular design show initially aired on Channel 4, where Kevin McCloud hosts it. While most of the shows in the list focus solely on interior designing, this show tends to do more. 

The show follows McCloud as he ventures into the craft of constructing dream houses. From vision up to the tad-bit details during the interior designing, McCloud fascinates himself to learn more about the trade of building homes. As such, where other reality shows emphasize the interiors, McCloud and his viewers will get to know more about architecture, civil engineering, and even historical backgrounds.

Stay Here

“Stay Here” is a British-American reality show on Netflix. This is a show about an interior designer and a real estate broker—Genevieve Gordon and Peter Lorimer, respectively—scour the Atlantic region for estate issues. Both of the hosts’ goals include applying aesthetics on a real estate property through interior design to help make the property pleasing to a renter or investor’s eyes. Essentially, the show tackles house designing combined with real-life entrepreneurial perspectives to increase the appraised value per property. 

While designing seems to be a rather extreme technical side, it’s not. As an art, it’s also not as abstract as what people stereotyped interior designing to be. All it takes for people to start into the industry are creative whims, introspection, and proper education. One of the options is to start taking an interior designing course where technical aspects start.

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

“The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes” is a show that includes Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin. Their goal? They will travel worldwide and discover elite real properties and their luxurious owners. This is to find out if money is a major factor in the features of interior designing.

The Great Interior Design Challenge

“The Great Interior Design Challenge” aims to gather amateur interior designers across the UK and have them design house interiors as a means of competition. The hosts and the professional judges will crown the winning individual as a great interior designer. This is Masterchef, but for interior designing.

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