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Living Online as a Digital Nomad

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With the growing ubiquity of powerful and portable devices, it has ushered in a new world of work. Forward-thinking organisations are eschewing the standard model of office-based working, instead issuing devices to workers and instituting remote or hybrid working arrangements to enable a more flexible work style.

There are those on the fringes of this new era of work: remote workers using the power of contemporary technology and the global accessibility of the internet to carve out an entirely new kind of lifestyle. They are known as ‘digital nomads’, and they travel the world while working online – either hopping from city to city or settling in communities of like-minded workers.

There are many iterations of digital nomads, with some living entirely on the road from region to remote region, and others simply utilising their flexibility to work in new and interesting regions for part of the year. As a digital nomad, what would be the best ways to ensure connectivity to the rest of the world, and access to the things you need to fulfil your obligations?

Digital Downtime

Despite the experience of travelling to far-flung destinations, you will still spend much of your time online outside of work – not only to catch up with family and friends in other countries but also to indulge in hobbies you might not be able to at your current location. Following and betting on national sports is a hugely popular hobby for many, and being stationed abroad would not change that for you. If you were exploring Poland, you could use a Polish bookmaker comparison site to see which regional bookmakers have the best deals and offers, saving you money and time. Physical bookmakers, wherever you are, might not offer odds on your sport of choice, making online bookmakers operating in that region a safer bet for taking part.

By that same token, you might enjoy playing multiplayer games online, but your local connection might not be up to standard. You may avoid high ping by employing the use of a VPN to access different global servers, but a better option can be found in public venues such as internet cafés or gaming bars, which will have invested in better gaming equipment and online connectivity.

Accessing Work Resources

Most importantly, though, you need to ensure reliable access to online tools and resources you need to carry out your work. If you find yourself unable to meet a deadline because of a poor connection, you may harm yourself financially and cut your nomadic foray short. Selecting locations with a robust and reliable internet infrastructure is one sure-fire way to eliminate the likelihood of this.

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You may also find that some software or online tools are not available in certain regions, which could impede your work. Aside from avoiding those regions, the use of a VPN would enable you to circumvent localised restrictions and access resources as if in another region entirely.

The life of a digital nomad is certainly not for everyone – but for those with an ever-present sense of wanderlust, the prospect of being able to take their work and personal life with them on the trip of a lifetime is a dream come true.

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