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Jason Derulo Solana-Based Meme Coin Rallies After Claiming a Celeb Promoter Duped Him

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Popular R&B star Jason Derulo has joined the long list of celebrities who have launched meme coins on the Solana blockchain this year. Like many others, he now claims that Sahil Arora, a notorious celebrity token promoter, scammed him.

But Arora has insisted that Jason’s claims were part of the promotion plans. The launch of these meme coins follows the success of AI trading robots like Quantum Income Pro, which have gained popularity for their automated trading strategies and profitability.

Derulo Launches the JASON Meme Coin

JASON, the meme coin launched via the Pump.fun platform started trading on Sunday. Eight hours after the launch, Derulo took to X to call out Arora, accusing him of conning him, but said he was determined to send his project “to the moon.”

Arora, on the other hand, told his X supporters that he had instructed Derulo to tweet the claims to draw attention to the JASON meme coin. The R&B singer, however, dismissed the coin promoter’s claims, revealing that Arora had dumped his JASON tokens worth nearly $50,000.

Arora Cons More American Celebrities

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Derulo isn’t the first American celebrity to call out Arora. In May, Former decathlete Caitlyn Jenner accused Arora of abandoning their partnership after launching the JENNER meme coin. At the time, Arora was said to have dumped JENNER tokens worth $16,000 immediately after the meme coin began trading on Raydium.

At the start of June, Arora claimed he had partnered with female rapper Iggy Azalea to release a meme coin. However, Azalea refuted the claims, saying Jenner had already warned her not to collaborate with the coin promoter. More recently, another American celebrity, Lil Pump, accused his social media manager of accepting a $39,000 offer from Arora to promote a scam meme coin on the rapper’s social accounts.

Before the launch of the JASON token, Arora shared a Jason Derulo song title and informed his followers about the token launch. Five hours later, the American celebrity started promoting the meme coin, which rallied 1,500% after going live. JASON hit a market capitalization of $1.8 million before crashing to $200,000.

The move forced some token holders to call out Derulo for rugging the project. In his defense, the R&B singer said Arora was behind the price fall. He then said he was committed to making his project a success despite Arora conning him.

JASON Rallies 94% to $0.008

Following Derulo’s statement, JASON surged significantly, crossing the previous all-time high market cap to reach $8 million as of this writing. The meme coin trades at $0.008, up 94% in the past 24 hours.

The rising number of meme coins has led to the emergence of innovative trading platforms which uses artificial intelligence to offer a seamless trading experience. The Quantum Income Pro trading bot allows users to trade both new and established digital tokens.

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