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5G, VR, and Cloud Gaming: What Might We Expect of Online Casino Games With Innovative New Tech at Their Disposal

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The online casino industry has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. Tech novelties like computers and the Internet are to blame for the existence of the niche in the first place. Mobile phones’ evolution in the last decade created unprecedented growth for the iGaming sector.

The industry will reach almost $154 billion by 2026, and technology plays a vital role in expanding.

Can games take advantage of the new tech?

AAA gaming is exploring the Cloud Gaming concept where all the games play out on the provider’s servers, and users can play with low-end client devices with broadband internet connection. This concept is already the core principle of iGaming. Advanced graphics and countless games are available, and you can play them on any device.Take for example Casumo Casino where you can play online slots for real money, or innovative live poker and roulette with live dealers, is among iGaming sites that use game servers for the service.

Is 5G a crucial change?

LTE internet speeds already enabled high-end gaming for mobile users. However, for more advanced graphics and potential new concepts like VR, the new mobile standard brings many benefits. Higher speed is the first thing you will notice, meaning even the most advanced game will have a fast loading time.

Perhaps the most important advantage of 5G is low latency. You can communicate with game servers instantly, meaning more seamless live dealer games and no lag in your gameplay. In addition, 5G will help developers of online casino games to build up their titles with more advanced graphics and interactive concepts because the network connectivity can cope with the demands.

On top of the speed and low latency, 5G networks have higher capacity, and you can play online casino games even in huge crowds, whereas 4G struggled with the service.

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Will we see VR games in online casinos?

VR technology is mature and ready for broad implementation. Whether you have a standalone VR headset or PC reliance, the quality and performance are more than prepared for iGaming. Some online casinos already have some VR games, but it’s still not mainstream in the industry.

There are several obstacles to the broader use of VR in iGaming. First, while everybody has a mobile phone in their pocket, only a handful of users own a VR headset. If VR becomes a must-have gadget, we can expect more implementation in the iGaming industry.

The benefits of VR would be huge for game developers. You can create poker experiences in the Wild West or immersive slot games in Ancient Greece. VR can transform live casino games by replicating the traditional brick ‘n’ mortar casino vibe and atmosphere. You could interact with other players and dealers while convincing 3D  space.

All new tech like Cloud Gaming, 5G, and Virtual Reality are interconnected. For example, 5G will help create a better infrastructure for Cloud Gaming on mobile platforms. In addition, its speed will enable a seamless VR experience while playing the most advanced online casino games.

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