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An Automatic Milk Dispenser: Features and Benefits

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For proper storage, heating or cooling, as well as a beautiful serving or presentation of various drinks in catering establishments, there is a new device on the market – an automatic milk dispenser. It is a professional pourer for milk and other drinks, including juice, coffee, tea, ect. Today we will talk about its advantages and peculiarities.

Types of milk dispensers

FloSmart dispensers are of various types, and their design features and technical characteristics depend on the model and purpose of the equipment. However, all devices can be divided into 2 main categories:

  • for the preparation of cold drinks, such as juices and fruit drinks, while these models of devices have compartments for ice;
  • for the creation of hot drinks such as aromatic coffee, by using a milk tap. Inside such models there is a special mini-boiler that heats drinks.

All industrial dispensers for the preparation of cold drinks are post- and pre-mix, which are different in the way they are prepared, as well as in the process of cooling liquids. In the first case, the technique pre-mixes the concentrate with the required amount of water. In the second, the device carries out the procedure for cooling the drink ready for use in a given amount.

Milk pourer: main features

Industrial milk dispensers for the preparation of a particular type of drink may differ from each other in terms of operation and design. So, machines for preparing milk can be cold or hot. At the same time, inside the cases of cold type dispensers there are tubes for cooling milk intended for ice.

In general, any milk maker is very useful equipment for catering establishments, as it will help you quickly create delicious milkshakes, as well as various coffee drinks that should contain hot milk. As for juice dispensers, then these models differ from milk brewers in design, as they often consist of a completely transparent flask and special containers for ice. For catering establishments, experts recommend using at least double dispensers, as they are not only convenient for efficient work with two types of drinks at the same time, but also can additionally attract the attention of customers with their rather bright filling. Finally, an automatic milk dispenser will allow serving visitors much faster and, accordingly, more efficiently.

Why choose FloSmart dispensers?

Milk pourers are popular because of their obvious benefits:

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  • They are very practical and easy to use, with accurate dosing and maintaining the desired temperature of hot chocolate, while ensuring the quick preparation of delicious milkshakes and cooling other liquids.
  • Industrial dispensers for juice, coffee and milk make it possible to get the right amount of drinks in just a few minutes, so the equipment is in great demand in restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels.
  • The automatic milk dispenser has a thoughtful and stylish design that will help successfully complement and even decorate the interior of a professional kitchen or bar counter of any establishment.

Consumers can profitably buy a milk tap with an option of storing and pouring other drinks, including juice, coffee, water, etc in Sydney. Australian manufacturers offer the best quality, as well as excellent service and reasonable prices for the entire range of professional equipment for catering establishments. Develop your business with modern devices today!

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