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Best Job Opportunities for Foreigners Moving to Poland 2022

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Poland is a wonderful European country that attracts tourists all over the world. Many of those who visit it decide to relocate here. It is understandable as Poland has many great opportunities to offer.

Expatriates from the EU and other countries can find positions in Poland for multiple industries. If it is something you’ve been dreaming about, this article will be handy. In collaboration with experts from job aggregator Jooble, we’ve collected the most demanded jobs in Poland.

You traveled to Poland and fell in love with this country? Then start thinking of relocation there with these growing industries!

Accounting and Finance

There is a shortage of skilled specialists in the financial sphere, especially when it comes to accounting. Experts with relevant experience and knowledge of foreign languages are welcomed in Poland.

One can work as a financial analyst, accountant, or auditor in a bank. All of those are well-paid positions that require specific education, of course.

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Another rapidly developing sphere is logistics. Nowadays, there is a shortage of licensed drivers in Poland. There is a high demand in all industries – machine building, coal mining, food processing.

To get a job, one needs to acquire a driver’s license for a specific type of vehicle. Polish companies look for bus and truck drivers, LGV drivers, tractor unit drivers.


The number of job postings for teachers with the opportunity to relocate is also quite steady. Of course, ESL teachers are highly valued here. Poland is a part of the EU and tightly connected to global economic and labor markets.

Therefore, many locals want to improve their English. But it is not the only subject teachers are needed. Experts of almost any specialty are in demand.


Poland is one of the top outsourcing destinations for the global IT and software development industry. Many Western or EU partners choose to collaborate with local developing agencies. As a result, there is a constant demand for all types of professionals in this sphere.

The local labor market needs developers, designers, software engineers and architects, project managers, testers, and administrators. These jobs are also among well-paid ones.


Overall, there are many jobs here that involve physical work. Construction is not an exception. Local building companies look for construction workers, sheet metal workers, operators for heavy machinery, carpenters, pavers, and plasterers. Any specialist with experience in construction is welcomed – from a roofer to a finishing process engineer.

Source https://unsplash.com/photos/KWcQ6_dk_OM


Specialists experienced in manufacturing can comfortably relocate to Poland. Local organizations look for engineers, electricians, and machine tool operators. A large number of positions are open in the chemical industry. 

Of course, these careers require a specific set of skills and education. But they are also well paid.


Trade and sales representatives are in high demand. There is a shortage of personnel with such qualifications in several spheres, namely electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, travel, and real estate. Specialists of all levels are welcomed, especially those who know several languages.

Some can work from offices and boost sales digitally. Others are employed on locations, in hypermarkets, or designated shops.

Digital Marketing

Following the global trend of digital marketing increase, Polish employers also look for experts in this field. Almost any brand has an online presence and needs a strong marketing campaign and social media management.

Digital marketers, SEO experts, and content managers with knowledge of languages are valued by local laborers.

In Summary

It is hard not to fall in love with Poland when you come here, even for a short trip. It has beautiful cities, exquisite cuisine, and heart-welcoming people. Those interested in moving here will be glad to know that there are many career opportunities for foreigners. One can look into these industries specifically as they lack a skilled workforce.

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