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Biggest celebrity cheating scandals

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Celebrities are glorified in society and many people see them as non-humans. The truth is that they are susceptible to the same relationship drama that everyone else goes through including cheating. Cheating happens because of many reasons. Some people are incapable of being faithful and honest, others are always chasing after lust and sexual gratification and you also get cheaters who cheat because they feel unfulfilled with their partners but would rather be unfaithful than be single. Cheating is very common in this world and among married couples alone, 40% are impacted by infidelity. Men are generally more likely to cheat than women, with the 30-39-year-old age group having the highest percentage of cheaters. Cheaters are so prevalent in the society that there are even android apps to catch a cheater available for you to spy on your partner if you suspect they are cheating. I bet these celebs wish they knew about spy apps because these are the biggest celeb cheating scandals.

Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump

Donald Trump Jr. is the son of billionaire businessman Donald Trump who happens to also be a former US president. Donald Trump Jr was once married to Vanessa Trump who is a former model however the couple divorced in 2018. Trump Jr. cheating on Vanessa with singer Aubrey O’Day who he met on the set of Celebrity Apprentice in 2011. Towards the end of filming, things started heating up between Trump and O’Day and they hooked up multiple times. Donald Jr. fell in love with Aubrey and they were said to be trying for a baby. The affair did come to an end, however, when Vanessa found emails between the pair and confronted Aubrey with a phone call. Donal Trump Jr.’s father as well as other members of the family pressured him to end the relationship with Aubrey and the rest is history.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian belongs to America’s most famous reality TV family and in 2016, she started dating Tristan Thompson who is an NBA player. The couple has a three-year-old daughter together Named True Thompson and when Khloe was in her third trimester and just about to give birth, photos were released showing Tristan out at a club with another woman. Khloe decided to continue dating Tristan and everything seemed fine until news broke again that Tristan kissed Jordyn Woods at a house party. Things get messy because Jordyn is best friends with Khloe’s youngest sister Kylie Jenner. Khloe and Tristan had a very messy and public breakup following this scandal but almost a year later, they got back together. It doesn’t end though, because, at the end of 2021, a pregnant woman would come public claiming Tristan is the father of her unborn child and in 2022, Tristan himself confirms he is the father. Khloe has finally acknowledged that Tristan is not the man for her.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordengren

Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers in the world and was married to Elin Nordengren. In 2009, Elin chased Tiger out of their home with a golf club after she found out he has been having multiple affairs. Woods would later confess to having an affair and 14 women have come forward as mistresses. The couple, who share 2 kids, would divorce and Woods decided to take an indefinite break from his golfing career to focus on his family.

Jay Z and Beyoncé

Jay Z is a rapper and entrepreneur who is married to superstar singer and performer Beyonce. The Two are considered a Hollywood power couple however, Beyonce has been open in her music about Jay-Z’s infidelity. The couple generally keeps their business out of the media but in an Interview, Jay Z discussed cheating on his wife and that the pair were working it out.

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

Bill Clinton is a former US president who cheated on his wife Hillary Clinton with Monica Lewinsky who was a 24-year-old white house intern. Lewinsky would admit on tape to having an affair with Clinton in detail but after meeting with Clinton, she signed an affidavit denying the affair. Bill Clinton also denied the affair in front of the nation but would later admit to the affair and would later be impeached. 

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