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Boombox – who is it?

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“Boombox” is a talented Ukrainian band whose music is listened to today by representatives of any generation. Therefore, Boombox in London decided to present a good evening to their fans. In the middle of 2004, vocalist Andrii Khlyvnyuk and guitarist Andrii Samoilo created the group “Boombox”. In order to attract additional instruments, it was decided to invite DJ Valik Matiuk to experiment with them.

In a few years, the group gained popularity, their lyrical compositions were heard on every radio station. She gained such popularity thanks to a completely new, unusual style of performing songs – a mixture of different directions:

  • funk,
  • jazz,
  • Hip-Hop,
  • pop,
  • rock.

The musicians quickly composed and recorded the material for the first album, but were in no hurry to release the debut album to the world. Instead, the guys decided on an interesting step: they distributed “sticks” with the recording to their friends.

This was the beginning of the conquest of the musical Olympus by the Boombox group. In April 2005, the first album “Melomania” was released. The album was recorded in the studio in record time – in just 22 hours, or three studio shifts. The album included 11 tracks from numerous preparations of the group.

Unlimited love for the band and their music

Boombox songs are a mirror of human life. They are like friends from your yard. Like dorm roommates who are always aware of your problems and can tell you how to solve them or just listen. And they somehow still remain relevant in a strange way. It all started with the fact that two musicians involved in well-known bands in Ukraine began to compose music together. Moreover, they did it more for their own satisfaction than in the expectation that something serious would come out of the joint venture.

When the question arose about the composition of the team and the format of the band’s sound, vocalist Andriy Khlyvnyuk and guitarist Andriy “Mukha” Samoilo did not start to assemble a large lineup, they offered to experiment with the DJ, the famous scratch master Valik Matiyuk. The group gathered in Kyiv, but all its members come from different cities: vocalist and songwriter Andriy Khlyvnyuk from Cherkasy, guitarist Andriy Samoilo Lutska, and DJ “Valik” Matiyuk from Novovolynsk.

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Life during the war in Boombox songs

The popular Ukrainian band goes on tour with their Boombox in London concerts for an important mission. Tell about the Ukrainian present, show its culture and remind how important support for Ukraine is now. The full-scale war that began on February 24, 2022, changed every Ukrainian. Russia is waging a brutal war against the Ukrainian people.

For a long time, the group could not do the main thing in their life – music. There was so much pain that no one could think about anything else. They engaged in volunteering, joined the territorial defense. Everyone was ready to defend their future and country. Only over time was Boombox able to return to music. Day after day, inspiration began to come and bring life back to life. It is not for nothing that one of the main characters of the Ukrainian film said: “Who said that you should stop singing in war?”

Tours in London

The band has already held a tour in London more than once, so without hesitation decided to go to this wonderful city again. Boombox’s popularity has long gone beyond the borders of Ukraine. And this cannot help but please, because the Ukrainian song is heard all over the world. Now it is especially important, because the band carries not only a good mood from its songs, but also an important mission.

Boombox talks about the war, about the horrors of the Ukrainian present, about the importance of supporting and helping Ukraine. And this tour in London is no exception. The band wants to show once again how strong and brave Ukrainians are, what an incredible Ukrainian culture and no less incredible and strong-spirited people. Therefore, everyone who wants to support Ukraine at the concert is waiting.

Cities of concerts

Several incredible cities have been chosen, which will bring incredible inspiration and the opportunity to communicate with beautiful people. Why them? Because England is picturesque natural landscapes and an exciting sea coast, an atmospheric province and the dynamic life of megacities. It is a stunning country with a very authentic atmosphere and way of life.

That Ireland, which accepts everyone as its native, while giving an opportunity to feel the true Irish spirit – proud, independent, full of dignity. In fact, the Irish people are hospitable, open, cheerful and sincerely love their country

Where and when you can listen

Boombox will visit the following cities on its tour:

  • Manchester – 25.03
  • London – 26.03
  • Dublin – 30.03

You can find out the location of the concerts and buy tickets on the official websites indicated on the band’s posters. Come to get in a good mood and support Ukrainian music.

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