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Concrete pump pouring

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The price of a concrete pump depends on its type and capacity. Before their appearance, workers had to carry concrete to the place of work in buckets, which greatly complicated the process.


There are two types of concrete pump, which differ in design, power and place of use.

  • Shooting ones. These are used in the construction of tall buildings. They have booms, or they are also called “flexible arms”. They extend 57 meters to connect the truck to the place where the concrete needs to be delivered. When the work is done, the booms can be folded up. This makes it easy to move the concrete pump.
  • Linear. Such equipment is mounted on a trailer or truck. It is attached to a hose to do the work at ground level. Linear ones are used on low and precise objects. For example, they help to pour concrete paths or repair driveways.

Advantages of using a pump

Efficiency. Pumps increase the speed of work. Concrete carts, wheelbarrows, and other means cannot be even close to them. The entire pouring process takes an hour, or even less. In addition, the work is done more precisely. Thanks to “flexible hands”, the concrete is poured where it is needed.

Durability. This means the quality of the concrete poured. If it is served through the chutes, it must be wet. For this purpose, water is added, which subsequently affects the quality of the material. When the work is performed by a concrete pump, additional liquid is not needed. Therefore, even if the purchase of new equipment for the company is overpriced, it is worth paying attention to the used concrete pump. With its help, you can achieve a better quality of projects, and therefore, reduce the number of repairs in the future.

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Safety. The machine works in all weathers, night and day. In addition, with it, you can place the equipment at a greater distance from the construction site, which will undoubtedly increase safety on it. The hose can simply be extended to reach the right places. Also, there are only two employees working with this equipment. And the fewer people on the site, the safer it is.

Mobility. Such equipment is convenient to transport, since it is foldable. Also, it can be transformed into one of the configurations to get to any necessary, albeit hard-to-reach place. There is a total of three such positions.

Saves time and money. If you use a pouring chute, it still needs to be built, which requires more employees. And for a concrete pump truck, you need two employees. One of them operates the machine, the other one watches the hose.

Choosing a truck pump for sale for construction will increase the speed, quality and efficiency of your work. This is a case where you can’t find a worthy alternative to the equipment.

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