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Countless ways to increase your conversion through stickers

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Conversion is a magic word, and you probably have mechanisms in place you measure any changes in your conversion rate.

However, we are here to add some texture to the magic because increasing your conversion rate is not witchcraft. We will share three tips with you that include a tool you might not have thought about before: custom stickers.

Do not think that stickers only belong in toddlers’ books or on the playground. Stickers have long been used for marketing purposes and can help you transform your business.

The beauty of using custom stickers is that you can outsource this process. Choose a sticker maker you can trust, send in your designs or design is from scratch using an online tool, and lean back until your stickers arrive. Read on to find out what you can do with your stickers in the next step.

1. Communicate quality

When we choose a product, we want to ensure that it is of high quality. We will pick a product that showcases this or others. Stickers can help you highlight these specific features of your products.

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Are you using 100% organic ingredients? Do you invest in high-quality fabrics or only use recycled materials? All of these elements can swing a consumer’s purchase decisions, and they can easily be printed on a sticker.

When you use stickers, it means that you do not have to overhaul your entire product design. Instead, you can simply print the relevant information on a die cut sticker and add them to your products.

2. Experiment with packaging

Product packaging influences your conversion rate majorly. Up to 70% of consumers say that their purchase decisions are influenced by a product’s packaging. So why not make sure that they decide in your favor?

Using stickers, you can quickly and easily improve and change your product packaging. Start with the material: many sticker printing companies offer a wide range of sticker vinyls in different effects like silver, gold, metallic, clear, or fluorescent.

This means you can easily add a pop of color or glitter to your existing product packaging. On top of that, you can switch up your designs in record time. Simply order a new sticker and apply it to your standard packaging for a new look or to advertise a new product launch.

3. Hook your customers

Conversion rates for new customers are essential, and a lot of our energy will go into reaching our target audience. But what about your already existing customers? How can you make them come back again and again?

Stickers can help you achieve this as well. Did you know that when we receive a free sticker, we do not interpret it as a form of advertising? Instead, we see it as a gift. Gifts are powerful. They create positive associations, release endorphins, and even increase the likelihood of a repeat purchase.

You can unlock all of these benefits by simply adding free stickers with every purchase. And these do not have to break the bank. When you order your stickers in bulk, you will be surprised to see that each unit will only cost you a few cents.

And those were our favorite ways to increase your conversion using stickers. Are you still looking for custom stickers? Then check out this website to find the answers to all your sticker needs. Or maybe you have more tips and tricks you would like to share? Then please do so in the comment section below.

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