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CSM online training: Take your career to the next level

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The role of a Scrum Master remains too crucial for any team that is willing to embrace Scrum and reap its benefits. As per various reports, around 85% of the respondents in a survey want to pursue the Scrum Master certification. We can find several lists that talks about some of the most promising jobs are given with the Scrum Master role. Needless to say that these remain in great demand. As we see a high rate of adoption across different industries, we see CSM is used by big names, including the companies like IBM, ANZ, Google, Ernst and Young, Siemens, Target, Dell, Honeywell, and GE Healthcare name a few.

You have the choice of building your Scrum Master skills and even widening your career opportunities. As per a survey carried out by the State of Scrum Report, we see around 85% of Scrum users are now benefiting from Scrum, and they intend to continue using it like they believe it enhances the quality of their work life. Seeking a CSM certification is one of the best ways to acquire all the required skills to become a competent Scrum master. With CSM Online Training, you get the chance to crack the certification. All you need is a reputed institute like Zeolearn, the leader in training and education for these certifications.

Thus, in a nutshell, the certification remains the most popular agile certification.’

It offers an average salary of 115K USD

The professionals with this certification remain in high demand in verticals like financial services, product development, marketing, consulting and construction. 

The Benefits of CSM Certification

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The certification has much to deliver to you and your company as well. Thus it has both the individual and organizational benefits to reap.

The Individual Benefits

  • You get the chance to showcase to your employers that you are committed to professional excellence.
  • It helps you showcase that you are abreast with the pace of time and latest trends in Scrum.
  • Get a chance to validate your Scrum Master skills and then showcase that you are extremely serious regarding honing them further.
  • Achieve the chance to gain a high level of precision when executing Scrum.
  • Get the chance to contribute to creating any competitive and healthy work culture positively.
  • Develop a high-performing team and thus improve collaboration.
  • Get the chance to command a higher salary than your non-certified peers.
  • You can easily accelerate your career and then become a pioneer in Scrum.

The organizational Benefits

Like the individuals getting too many benefits, you have the organizations also leveraging the same, some of these include the following:

  • You being a mentor and facilitator, will always guide team members on the Agile Development Path within the company.
  • The Scrum Master helps build a culture, which acts as a competitive purpose for the Scrum Team.
  • The Scrum Master Helps respond to several backlogs or blockages that further helps in adding the Product Development Process.
  • Product delivery and quality assurance are linked with the product delivered within time play a prime role in coming to end-user satisfaction.
  • The results of any collaborative workflow can help in playing a vital role in delivering Agile projects successfully.
  • The Scrum Master also play an essential role in bringing about the best change, which further helps the other members within the organization to adapt to changes quickly.
  • Being a Servant Leader, the key objective of Scrum Master is to act and uplift several team members towards the constant growth of the organization.

The ZeoLearn Experience

If you are enrolled at institutes like ZeoLearn, you are bound to enjoy a wide range of features, which include the following:

  • Learn by Doing – You get a unique blend of Hands-on training and theoretical learning.
  • Live Interactive sessions – Get the chance to pose as many questions to get rid of confusions and get all the clarifications. You can get engaged in discussions with instructors and other participants.
  • Real-world skill sets – You can gain real-world experiences seeking different projects and thus build a strong portfolio of projects.
  • Mentorship by Industry experts – You get mentored by top industry practitioners and experts with ample experience in the Industry.
  • Reason Based learning – Here, you go beyond the traditional and theoretical knowledge and get the critical questions around the scrum topics.
  • Make Projects – You can get the option to gain skills with the help of some real-world projects and develop a good portfolio you can always showcase to employers.

What you will learn?

Scrum Fundamentals – You can learn regarding Scrum framework, roles, activities, & artefacts to kick-start any Scrum project

  • Be a Servant Leader – You can get the chance to lead by serving your Scrum team while you stick to the key principles of Scrum and practices
  • Scope of Scrum – You get the chance to know the some of the best implementation of Scrum in a wide array of real-world project environments
  • Act as a facilitator – Yu can facilitate cross-functional Scrum teams helping them to deliver high-value releases in shorter duration of time-to-market
  • Enable transparency – You can inspect and adapt the ways to improve transparency and visibility of your team’s work at each level
  • Remove obstacles – You can help in identifying and eliminating the key challenges as seen on-time project delivery with the help of several self-organizing teams.

What you will learn to be a SCM?

You will cover the following topics as under:

ROI and business value – Understand Scrum fundamentals and master techniques to improve ROI and maximize business value.

Product Owner role – Understand the role of Product Owner in high-performing teams and how to deliver value within time and budget.

Lead agile teams – Communicate the business requirements clearly to the team members by working with them as a PO

Better user stories – Get in-depth requirements from the stakeholders to write user stories for the product backlog

Value delivery – Maintain a strong relationship with the stakeholders to maximize value delivery at the end

Better prioritization – Learn tips and tricks to sort the product backlog items based on the priorities set by a stakeholder

Minimize risks – Learn ways and methods to reduce risks, improve estimation skills, planning, and scheduling in Scrum.

Velocity-based delivery – Estimating the final delivery date of the project (product delivery) by calculating team velocities

You are just three steps away from becoming a competent SCM Certification:

  • 1st Step – Get trained by Certified Scrum Trainers or CSTs in a two-day program
  • 2nd Step: You can take up the CSM Exam and then get the chance to score at least 74%
  • 3rd Step – Now, you can accept the license agreement and then move ahead to become a Certified Scrum Master.

Wrapping up  

You can find the CSM Online training at the16 hours of live and interactive instructor-led training can help you gain the best preparation. It usually carry 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs and that too in two days. Thanks to the case studies and other activities like role plays and real world simulations that allow an immersive hands-on learning for building high-performance teams.

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