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Films You Shouldn’t Miss in March

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March looks promising this year, not only because of the additions to Paysafe casinos gaming libraries but also because of interesting premieres. This article looks closely at some of March’s most interesting films.

The Whale

Genre: drama

Darren Aronofsky’s new feature tells the story of an unsociable, lonely college professor, Charlie, who lectures online with his camera off. He does it because of his dreadful obesity, which has caused him health problems. Meanwhile, the protagonist tries to mend a complicated relationship with his 17-year-old daughter Ellie.

The film got an unbelievable performance from Brendan Fraser, who is almost unrecognisable due to his elaborate make-up. It is widely believed that this is not only a big movie comeback for the once-popular actor but also his best career role. He was nominated for a Golden Globe and Oscar for it.

Creed III

Genre: sports drama

In this film, Adonis Creed, played by the ever-present Michael B. Jordan, tries to win the “fight of a lifetime” for a third time. Now, the champion must confront the vicious and victory-hungry childhood friend who once saved little Donny from prison.

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The threequel will not feature the legendary Rocky Balboa, but the leading man directs the film. In this way, Michael B. Jordan is following in the footsteps of Sly, who, however, took over the helm in the second part of the Italian Stallion adventure and wrote the screenplay himself. For Jordan, this will be his debut.

Scream VI

Genre: slasher

Along with the third “Scream”, the new part of “Scream” is another March novelty with a Roman numeral in the original title. In the plot, the heroes of the previous instalment, the Carpenter sisters and their friends, move from bleak Woodsboro to New York City. But even there, they are overtaken by a notorious maniac in a textbook mask.

The sixth series of the iconic slasher comes in an era when meta-commentary is trending. Jenna Ortega’s name on the poster already plays a far more prominent role than Courteney Cox’s. Then again, you can also expect some good old-fashioned Ghostface running gags because the film’s creators aren’t the only ones who (post-)sneer at genre clichés.

Luther: The Fallen Sun

Genre: crime thriller, detective

Idris Elba returns to the role of dark detective John Luther – a character from the highly-rated series of the same name, for his work in which the actor won a Golden Globe.

The film is the sequel to the 5-season show and will tell the story of John’s confrontation with a terrifying serial killer terrorising London. But first, the hero must be freed from prison. The movie’s development is done by the same people who worked on the series, so at least the latter’s atmosphere should translate well.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Genre: superhero action comedy

Struggling teenager Billy Batson has somehow managed to master superhero powers and even give the villain a beating in the first instalment. But now a far more serious danger awaits Billy and his half-brothers – the mighty daughters of Atlas, with the inimitable Helen Mirren as their leader.

Admittedly, humanity has grown weary of all those colourful comic book movies. Regardless, the reformatted DC Studios can finally fight against major rivals going through a bad time (February’s Ant-Man won’t let you lie). However, teenage superhero movies don’t have such ambitious goals, as the main objective here is to entertain the audience.

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