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Here is what you must know about Crypto Tourism

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The main motto of cryptocurrency is to facilitate transfers and exchanges without any intermediaries or custodian authority. Bitcoin, the world’s largest conventional currency  is now accepted worldwide and has been successfully used for transactions and purchases of goods and service.

Ethereum is now considered to be the silver of cryptocurrencies and do we need an introduction for Bitcoin being considered the gold of cryptocurrencies. These digital assets are paving their way into different sectors and industries. All the industries and multinational companies are supporting and using cryptocurrencies for their transactions, and you can use such digital tokens and coin in retail outlets.

Crypto has now penetrated itself into the travel and tourism industry. The exclusive use of crypto in travel currency was thriving till 2019. The concept of crypto tourism sounds exciting and thrilling. This article is going to be the mini guide for the introduction of Crypto tourism. 

Crypto + Travel

Travel and tourism are the industry-defining luxury and exposure. The industry of travel and tourism is now opening up the horizons for new ideas of making the industry thrive, sustainable, and more efficient.

The world is thriving on technology and the rise of crypto for a decade has given the rise to the different fandom of Crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. Crypto tourism is the newest way to incorporate the luxury of travel for crypto enthusiasts and crypto investors. Be sure to check out to avail more knowledge about Crypto Tourism. Now, you can book your air tickets and accommodation with your BTC.

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The global market of cryptocurrencies is volatile, though cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, and Ethereum are buzzwords in the investor world. Now the worldwide acceptance of cryptocurrencies created a convenient way for travelers to book their travel packages. For example, you need to pay a huge transaction fee for cross-border money transfer because you have to convert your fiat currency to another fiat currency to use your money in your destination. In this case, you can avoid such hassles by using your crypto wallet. You can simply use your wallet anywhere across the world and you can make cross-border or international transactions at fewer fees.  

Crypto tourism can be defined as tourism services specifically meant for crypto investors, where travel companies provide luxurious travel programs that can be paid with digital currency.

Who are the targets for crypto tourism?

The industry of crypto tourism thrives on the passion of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, thus mostly the whole industry of crypto tourism targets the people who are high-end investors in crypto and very famous and rich. Another aspect of the target audiences of crypto tourism is the tourists or normal people using digital currencies to pay for their travels and tourist activities.

Though the amalgamation of tourism and crypto might seem fun it is far beyond the usual definition of cruises, crypto tourism programs, and tours involving conferences, and panel talks often revolving around cryptocurrency and exhibitions. There are several purposes for organizing crypt tours such as potential Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Famous Crypto Tours

The idea of crypto tourism seems fun. Several crypto tours have been organized since 2017. The recent cruise of Coins Back was 2019, and almost 2,500 participants were sailing on the Mediterranean.

During the pandemic, countries like Newzealand are allowing the use of cryptocurrency for tourists and harnessing digital currencies to offer travel programs and tours. Other countries with humongous tourist attractions, such as Grenada, Bahamas, and Cyprus are friendly and open to the use of cryptocurrency. The astonishing fact is that the Bahamas is the first country to roll out its very own digital currency named ‘ Sand Dollars’.

Final Overview

Crypto tourism has a stack of benefits and specific risks attached to them. Crypto tourism enables normal people to pay for their vacations with cryptocurrency.

As mentioned above, crypto tours are often meant for exhibitions and presentations by famous crypto enthusiasts and investors regarding the future trends and development of the crypto world. The risk is all about the ICOs or initial coin offerings. These coins might or might not have a beneficial price value. Therefore, it is imperative that individuals conduct a thorough market research before making the final decision of investment.

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