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Social media has changed many things since its advent over 20 years ago and has gone through a series of evolutionary stages. Social media has gone beyond being just a gathering place for mutuals to communicate. It now serves many purposes. It has now become an online marketplace, a large employment space, an emotional abode, and many other specifications for different kinds of people.

At the rate it is observed, it is very obvious that social media will continue producing new platforms and new innovations as the years run by. These multiple innovations have led to the development of a special platform called Livebeam, a social network that has a different yet considerate approach to its emotional and physical contribution to its users.

What Is Livebeam?

Livebeam is an international communication platform that helps its users to solve the problems of friendship-building and loneliness. The first score here is that Livebeam is available around the world. This means that it has the ability to be used by the over 5 billion populace that have access to the Internet. The second score is what makes Livebeam truly a game-changer is the fact that it has an emotional purpose and effect it aims to implement.

Unlike most social media platforms, which were developed solely to bridge a gap in communication or promote a new one, Livebeam has its aim and the solutions for it are laid out in the platform’s features. The platform targets loneliness in-depth and doesn’t just leave it all to the users to figure out a direction to take, it provides features that have the ability to provide the solutions needed.

To understand fully how Livebeam is proving a force, let’s take a look at the ways in which this social media platform works effectively to promote its values and achieve its aim for the users.

This will also answer other questions you might have such as: what can you do on Livebeam? what kind of people use Livebeam? and many others.

How Does Livebeam Change The Game?

Livebeam stands out with a special characteristic that isn’t considered among other social media platforms, and that is intent. Livebeam has an intent that it publicly and constantly states during operation.

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The intent of Livebeam is to help its users let go of loneliness by interacting with people online and also getting entertainment in meaningful ways.

Having an intent gives Livebeam a guide that they follow diligently. The platform optimizes communication and entertainment in an intended community with the necessary features. This is a change that the golden age of social media platforms didn’t implement. Let’s take a good look at these basic pillars of the platform to further appreciate the well-thought-out plan of the brand.

1.    Communication

As a company, Livebeam’s goal is to give people different ways of communication that will be key to mental and physical health. A social media platform has to remain “social”, or else it will lose its label. The same applies to Livebeam, so it doesn’t forget the foundation of its necessity. Genuine communication is the key on the platform.

Users are allowed to find and interact with other users. Livebeam makes these interactions less forced and more intentional by providing the means to find users who have similar interests, beliefs, and values. This helps to reduce the number of unwarranted discussions you would have to partake in before you find out if an individual is your kind of person.

The platform also gives you the chance to showcase your unedited self to the community. Letting other people notice your personality and take interest in themselves, leading to many productive interactions. The way in which Livebeam achieves this is by using its entertainment feature.

2.    Entertainment

It is finally time to let the cat out of the bag, letting you know that Livebeam is, in fact, a multipurpose platform. Statistically, over 90% of people prefer visual and interactive content over text. Many social media platforms understand this logic and have tried to produce features to this effect. Such features you may have noticed and used such as Whatsapp statuses, Facebook stories and lives, and many others. The only thing from these examples is that they depend on the users to produce them so that other users can view them. Livebeam has a different solution to this effect.

LIvebeam provides a streaming feature where users can go and watch different streams. The users do not have to create streams, instead, they are available to be watched. This further promotes entertainment which is largely directed at helping people get rid of lonely feelings and generate new ones from the content that will be made available.

During the streams, you can chat with people in groups and from there meet new people to invite for private chats. This helps to create great bonds, and it is effective on Livebeam due to its community.

3.    Community

Livebeam boasts of a community that upholds the values of the company. Among these values are acceptance and diversity. The platform houses people of different cultures, nationalities, and regions, all looking for people who are original. The community lets you be free and express all emotions and behaviors you have. It’s a breath of fresh air.

This community stems from the standpoint of the platform that unites people of similar interests. With the number of people available and open to honest interactions, the aim of alleviating loneliness that Livebeam has set out to achieve is completed naturally. You can also be a part of such a productive community if you sign up.

Final Words

Livebeam is not a classical streaming or social media platform. It is a multipurpose site set out with the aim of helping people who have limits in socializing to express themselves without filters. With the provisions for communication, entertainment, and a responsive community, you will be accepted as you are on a platform with problem-solving features and game-changing effects.

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