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How to Get a Job in Poland as a Foreigner

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There are job opportunities in Poland for a foreigner if you have the required education and qualification as decided by the country. The last few years have seen migrants looking for new opportunities abroad to broaden their horizons before returning home, so it helps to know you can earn a living while exploring a new culture. 

Poland has been growing steadily, making itself an attraction to learned people and others who are open to menial work. Demand is consistent for handymen, beauticians, workers in light industries, health, manufacturing, and others that allow the country to grow as it has been for the last decade. 

Things you May want To Consider

It makes sense to look for opportunities in countries that may lack the skills you can offer. In Poland, Accounting and Finance, Engineering, Sales, and IT services are usually in high demand most of the time, so you are lucky if you already have the skills. If not, you could always take a lower job as you work towards these skills to get a better-paying job in the country. You may want to get BrandResumes reviews to see from professionals how to package these skills in ways that the recruitment representatives in Poland will like. It helps to remember that many others seek these opportunities, so you will have fierce competition that could only be pacified by bringing the best of yourself to the table.   

You also want to remember you may require work permits and others to stay and earn a living in the country. Residents want to look up the information that applies to their country as only Ukraine is exempt from too much scrutiny, which started for those who crossed borders after 24.02.2022. They are allowed to stay and work in Poland without permits for 18 months and can apply for permits to do contractual work after nine months in the country. If your country needs these permits, you want to get them before crossing over. 

Here are legit ways to get jobs in Poland: 


If you already have friends in the country who know their way around, you could ask whether their companies are hiring. They could pass this on in their circles to cast the net wider. Friends are resourceful as they do not charge a dime and will work with a resolve to get you a job so you can join them and start earning a living. It’s even better if they are from your country and want familiar faces around them to remind them of home. They probably also know the recruitment process better than you and can help make things much easier. Social capital has proven to be quite powerful, so you may want to use it as much as possible. 

Employment Agencies 

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Before going into an agency to find new opportunities, you want to know the requirements for the job and whether you fit in. You may also want to look here for ideas to create a winning resume, so your application stands out. Agencies usually have lists of talent required, so working with them halves your work. They could give you pointers on what to change in your resume or how to structure it accordingly. Some charge a fee payable after you are placed, which would be money well spent since the results speak for themselves. 

Job Adverts on Papers

Papers are resourceful even in the social media era, as many recruiters still use them to advertise vacant positions. You may have to subscribe to online papers to see what’s on offer or ask a Polish friend/acquaintance to keep you updated. As always, you want to make the biggest case for yourself when applying for these jobs. You want to list your qualifications and publications if you have any – see this for additional info – and update your social networks as companies check those too during selection. Armed with an updated resume, you can go on and scan the papers for all available opportunities. 

Through a Local Company with Roots in Poland

Getting a job in Poland for Ukrainian residents is made easy by the presence of Ukrainian recruitment companies in the country. They already know the market and you as a local. They know the documentation required to get you to said country, so you will not have to do all the legwork. These too may charge a fee paid before or after placement, and it is up to you to decide whether it is worth your money or not. 

Why work with agencies from your country? As fellow citizens, they have your best interests at heart. They will be empathic and feel bound by the camaraderie to get you the best for your skills. They also do not want to ruin their reputation in the country, so they are unlikely to send you to places where you would be maltreated. 


After getting a job in Poland, you may want to observe a few things. First, it helps to learn Polish if you are not from any region that speaks the language. Even though other languages are used in the country, it shows courtesy to your host to learn the local language and her people’s culture. You also want to read up on the laws of the country, the tax system, and other local matters that will make your stay enjoyable or make it easier to do your job. 

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