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Legendary games that could use a quality relaunch

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Games that are in dire need of a quality remake

The modern mass culture industry is obsessed with remakes. In movies, these are remakes of Hollywood classics; in the music, they are entire genres built on processing and reinterpreting pop hits. In video games, a return to the original usually comes in the form of remasters – porting to next-generation platforms with improved graphics or releasing new parts that attempt to return to their roots.

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But not all gamers are allowed to immerse themselves in the world of a game they have known since childhood, ported to HD. On Reddit, users voted on what games they would like to see in graphics. Collected the most exciting answers are:

  • Matrix;
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic;
  • Twisted Metal.

It is the first video game in the “Matrix” universe. The action unfolds parallel with the plots of “The Matrix: Reboot” and “Animatrix” movies. The player is given a choice of two characters, Niobe or Ghost, who must return the ship captains to Zion, humanity’s last stronghold, to confront the onslaught of the machines.

The game received mixed reviews. The main criticism was drawn to the game’s graphics, which in 2003 were already a bit dated. However, they praised the hand-to-hand combat, the built-in videos, and the excellent soundtrack.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Another hit of 2003 and another pioneer, this is the first RPG in the Star Wars universe. But here, the action is not parallel to the original trilogy but takes the player 4,000 years before them. While the Republic is retreating from the war with the Dark Lords, a new danger looms – the Sith and the protagonist (as it should be in such plots) is the only obstacle in the way of evil.

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The game has been critically acclaimed and received many awards, including several “Game of the Year” titles. Among the fans, the Knights of the Old Republic game is still considered a cult one.

Twisted Metal

It is the dashing arcade race, where the main goal is not to reach the finish line first but to destroy all the enemies. The player can choose 12 vehicles with individual features and a destructive arsenal of machine guns, rockets, and napalm. Battles are organized by a certain Calypso, who promises the tournament winner to fulfill a cherished wish.

Critics praised the unique concept and elaborate gameplay. But the PC version was initially released only in Japan with a small circulation; that’s why the rest of the world only learned about the SingleTrac development a few years later.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

The third part of the cult series of stealth action games. This time Sam Fisher needs to prevent World War III, which may erupt because of the conflict in Asia. Chaos Theory is considered the last Splinter Cell classic; from the next part – Double Agent – the developers will try to modernize the gameplay and turn away some of the fans.

On Metacritic, “Chaos Theory” has a score of 92, the best score among the games in the series (if only the PC versions are included).

Prince of Persia trilogy

Breakthrough for its time, “The Sands of Time,” made Prince of Persia (originally a platformer) into a full-fledged 3D action game. The previous attempt in this direction, Prince of Persia 3D, is considered more of a failure.

In “Sands of Time” for the first time, there were all the crowning elements of the series: parkour with complex acrobatic techniques, which is diluted with dynamic fights with enemies, and the ability to go back in time if something has gone wrong. However, Ubisoft Montreal managed not to lower the quality bar for the next two games.

A remake of “The Sands of Time” was supposed to be released in early 2021, but fans criticized its trailer, finding the graphics lackluster, and as a result, the release was postponed indefinitely. However, the Ubisoft website allows you to pre-order the game, and the release date is listed as “soon.

Black & White

It is one of the most distinctive representatives of the God Simulator and a continuation of the ideas of previous games by Peter Molyneux, the visionary game designer and pioneer of the genre. The player must control a tribe of humans on a small island and raise a vast creature, the incarnation of God on Earth.

The gamer has both creative and destructive powers in his hands. For example, the islanders can send rain to grow crops or valuable resources to accelerate development. Or you can bring down the punishment of heaven in the form of lightning and fireballs.

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The game is similar to the previous one from the list (also a God simulator). Still, here you’re not supposed to lead a tribe but biological organisms – from the unicellular stage to a highly developed civilization.

At each level (there are five of them), the gameplay changes: while playing as an amoeba, you have to eat smaller organisms and flee from larger ones (a bit like PacMan); when your creature becomes a more complex organism – it’s a real action-RPG like Diablo, and the civilization stage turns into a thoughtful strategy: you have to build towns, build the economy and move technology forward, just like in some Civilization. From there, it’s on to the stars.

Max Payne (parts one and two)

Let’s return to action games. This development of a little-known at the time Finnish studio can be called the ancestor of the first game from the list. It is all about the cinematic, noir atmosphere and the ability to slow down time (obviously, the influence of the same “Matrix” conquered the big screens two years earlier).

Two parts of the adventures of a disgraced undercover cop, falsely accused of murder, became a cult among gamers and critics, collecting a whole piggy bank of awards. The third part of 2012, already RockStar, also received good reviews but could not reach its predecessors.

Deus Ex

It is the second stealth action game on our list, but the first chronologically. Its memorable cyberpunk setting and storyline variation differ from similar ones. The action takes place in the dystopian world of Earth 2052, which faces a deep economic crisis, rampant terrorism, and a pandemic of an incurable disease – “gray death.” The player will have to challenge global evil as a special agent of an anti-terrorist organization.

On Metacritic, Deus Ex got 90 points from critics and 92 from gamers (and its awards are countless, including several games of the Year titles and one of the best games of all time). The first-person shooter with stealth elements started not only a series of fun but an entire universe of books and comics. Unfortunately, among the following parts of the game, the original’s success was repeated only by Deus Ex: Human Revolution, released in 2011.

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