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Interesting facts about the history of gambling in Poland

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Poland is one of the countries in the European Union, where the attitude to gambling is rather ambiguous. Here it is more of a no than a yes. In a religious country with a lot of Catholic influence, many Poles don’t support the excessive gamble. Some of the citizens, who believe that gambling gives you a good time and if you’re lucky, you might even win something.

The most interesting thing is that the main achievement of the authorities in the matter of strict regulation of the industry is the absence of a negative attitude towards it among the country’s population. Although the history of gambling in Poland is several centuries old. It is believed that it all began in 1569 under the Union of Lublin.

The First Casinos

The first Polish casino to open after World War II was “Pod różą”. But in the second half of the fifties, lotteries became widespread, so it was possible to try your luck in the sweepstakes. Later came the slot machines, the monopoly of which the state was entitled to operate. In 1989, Poland was on the market path of development, and the gamble business began to come from private companies. Casinos Poland began to open again.

At the end of July 1992 was adopted the law “On Gaming and Mutual Betting”, regulated gambling. But in November 2009 adopted a new law – more demanding and detailed, prescribing all such activities under the strict control of the Ministry of Finance.

Didn’t the world war affect the casinos?

In the recent history of the gamble, it is worth noting the opening of a casino online in the resort town of Sopot in 1823. The historic events of the 20th century have also left their mark. World War II and the socialist path of development after its end did not imply the development of the industry.

Casinos in Poland have a rich story – from small and greasy taverns and local market squares to the modern gaming industry, which operates not only in the real world but has taken over the global network. Despite the level of affluence, people continue to visit casinos Poland or bet on the slot machines online, as it allows you instantly to become the owner of a big win that will dramatically change your life.

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This is probably the dream and sheer force of will that the native of Ireland, who made it into the Guinness Book of Records for spending 90 hours at the poker table, never leaving it and betting all the time, had. During that time, he managed to win a total of $7,000, which he took home with him. He would likely have regretted his gamble and walked away with nothing.

In Palestine, however, even at this point the casino owners assisted the customers: at the exit of the establishment, the staff offered clothes to the heavily losing customers. The history of casinos has not always been smooth. From time to time, different countries passed laws restricting their activities.

But it’s worth noting that the government’s original plans for Polish casinos were very altruistic because the proceeds from their activities were planned to be used for the development of education in the state.


Interesting fact about gender differences

The most popular gambling activities were lotteries and sports betting. Gender, age, city size, level of education, and income were identified as significant predictors of electronic gambling involvement. Results showed that men, younger people, and people with less income were more likely to be involved in e-gambling. Having children, playing online cards, and betting on sports, but not online lotteries, appeared to be typical of problem online gamblers.

With the advent of the Internet, most land-based rooms have become virtual. In them, everyone can register. To do this, you need to provide: your phone number and email address; true name and surname; send a passport photo to confirm your identity (to verify the account).

Not only the administrators of the club are interested in passing the verification, but also the gamblers themselves. Personal information is encrypted with a special code, so there is no leakage. Polish players can be sure that it is he who will get the money won.

A surprising statistic about Polish citizens

As for the growth of problem online gambling among gamblers, the results of an international study of over 1,000 players showed that over 13% met the criteria for problem gambling, 25% met the criteria for moderate risk gambling, 30% of gamblers met the criteria for low-risk gambling, and 25% showed no symptoms.


Facts About Poland’s Casinos

This will secure gamblers in casinos in Poland from many unpleasant moments, such as non-payment of winnings, difficulties with the deletion of the account, and others. Together with the certification, he gets protection and a guarantee that disputes will be resolved quickly. Historically, online casinos have been around for a long time, but have improved and evolved. Today, they are always at your fingertips on tablets, PCs, and smartphones. This allows you to distract yourself at any time, without the need to play for money in the casinos of Poland – almost all modern slots have a demo version.

The gamble regulator in Poland, as often happens, acts as a government agency – the Ministry of Finance. Allowed in the territory of the state are the best casino video games, including casino games, roulette, blackjack, poker, and bingo, which also develop a betting segment. Lottery operations, as mentioned earlier, are provided by a monopoly operator.

The basis of the modern legal system of Polish gambling market regulation is the Law adopted in 2009. Following it, the Ministry of Finance issued several secondary regulations governing the archiving of data, certification of gambling equipment, as well as record-keeping by operators. The regulations also enshrined the existence of mandatory financial guarantees for gambling operators. According to the latest amendments to the law, online casino gambling is acceptable only for lottery and betting operations.



Many gamblers enjoy playing online games more than a physical casino. It is very easy to feel the difference. Try playing gaminators, their originality has always had the highest rating from gamblers. The features of gamble clubs can be attributed that they are all in English. Some sites can choose a different language, but mostly all in English. All gamble sites operating are officially registered, so gamblers do not worry that they can cheat. And the registration itself is fast and elementary.

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