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Is College Worth It? Pros & Cons Of College Education

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You’ve graduated from high school, and it’s now time to consider whether attending college is worth it. With a sharp rise in youth entrepreneurship and a plethora of self-learning tools, many students consider college useless; yet others maintain that college can provide students with in-depth knowledge that they cannot otherwise obtain.

It’s a tough decision that only you can make, and there are a plethora of factors to consider. Take a look at our comprehensive list of pros & cons to help you decide whether attending college in 2022 is a wise investment.

Let’s dive right in!

Pros: Why College Is Worth It

Employers trust colleges

Attending university is commonly acknowledged to help you get a better job and earn more money. Even though you could surely amass sufficient knowledge on your own to work in any imaginable field, many firms still value college degrees and are ready to pay extra if you have one. In a sense, a college degree acts as proof of your invested time and effort in learning a specific field.

Those who choose to bypass college and learn on their own should devise bulletproof strategies for honing all of the skills that colleges provide. Because colleges offer stellar training in academic reading and writing, you can have a hard time educating yourself to the same standards. Be sure to routinely consult Lets Grade It and similar professional writing services to boost your writing skills. Even though this is a resource designed to help college students excel in their studies, you should not lag behind and use all the amazing resources out there.

College facilitates networking

Another perk of attending college is that you get to know a lot of people who’re interested in the same subject, thereby building essential lifelong connections. College provides numerous opportunities for you to communicate, discuss ideas, and express yourself. This is especially helpful if you are a timid person who finds it difficult to build connections in life.

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Cons: Why College Isn’t Worth It

Huge Investments

Colleges are typically so expensive that students’ families must make massive sacrifices to allow their kids to study. Alternatively, students take study loans that they have to repay for years and years to come. Not to mention the costs of studying abroad if you’re traveling to expensive countries like the UK. As a result, you might feel pressured to find a suitable job immediately following graduation, causing you a lot of psychological distress.

It is therefore critical to thoroughly weigh the pros & cons of attending college and determine whether it’s the right path for you. Here, as with any other undertaking, mindfulness and careful planning are key!

Some Colleges Impede Creativity

Students often complain that many academic programs fall short of their expectations, boasting top-notch curricula while in reality offering far less than today’s online educational platforms. Be sure to check how much colleges value individuality and creativity to avoid attending old-fashioned college programs that will surely do more harm than good in today’s world replete with other education options.

Unless you’re attending a well-known Ivy League college, it is vital to conduct thorough research before applying. Otherwise, you risk hundreds of wasted hours with teachers you don’t like although, simply it would be possible to use the services of an educational platform such as StudyCrumb or others.

Summing Up

Many teenagers wonder whether they should attend college in 2022. It is impossible to tell whether college in more helpful than self-education; it depends on your specific circumstances and life goals.  Take your time to ponder about the question and make an informed decision—remember, this is one of the major decisions you’ll ever make!


Joanne Elliot is a high school teacher and blogger. Joanne cherishes every moment spent with her students and appreciates the opportunity to contribute to their progress. She spends her spare time writing instructional blogs to help young people take advantage of all the resources available to them and thrive in life.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

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