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Know about the basic gameplay difference between Rummy Circle And GetMega

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Today, players have a wide range of online gaming platforms to choose from. The competition is so stiff that it is really hard for a single platform to dominate over others in all the areas. But despite such tight situations, there are two platforms for mobile gaming where you can experience high-quality gameplay. The two platforms being talked about are Rummy Circle and GetMega. Both these platforms have made a name for themselves over the years, and are now among the leading names for card games. But what if you have to choose between the two? The simple way to find out this would be to compare the gameplay of both of these platforms and see which one works better for you. So without wasting any more time, let us dig deeper into the discussion.

About Rummy Circle

Rummy Circle is all about the game of Rummy. This is a very common and popular card game that players play for both entertainment as well as for real money. There are different variations of Rummy that you can play on this platform. The good thing about Rummy Circle is that it is a platform that observes the ethic of Responsible Gaming and provides some of the finest security features you would not find on many online platforms in India. While the website seems quite intriguing on its own, you can even try out the mobile version of the platform. The Rummy Circle app works on both Android and iOS devices so it won’t be a problem for you.

At Rummy Circle, you can only play Rummy but in different variations.


GetMega is a proper gaming platform that is not solely dedicated to Rummy. Here, you can try out different gaming categories. Be it card games or casual games, all of them are available here. Even the classic ones like carrom are also available on this platform. But even for Rummy, GetMega offers a seamless experience. The website interface is intuitive and you will not find any difficulty in accessing the different platforms present on the website. GetMega also has mobile application support. So, you can easily download the app on your mobile phone and play the games from anywhere you want.

Rummy Circle Gameplay

Before moving into the gameplay of the Rummy Circle, it is important to highlight the way of playing Rummy. Rummy is a popular card game and one of the simplest to understand. You will be given 13 cards and the point behind this is that you have to convert them into sets and sequences. Two sequences are required in the game among which one must be pure and the other can be pure or impure. The pure cards are the ones without a joker where the impure set involves a joker. The maximum number of suits that you can make with these 13 cards is 2.

The gameplay of Rummy Circle is focused completely on Rummy. No wonder then that the platform has put in a lot of effort in enhancing the gameplay of this particular game. The game starts with a toss of a coin to decide who is going to make the first move. You can play the game in multiplayer format against other players or someone you know. If this is not enough there is also the multi-table option where you can play the game of Rummy on different tablets or events. For instance, you can play the basic and tournament game at the same time. To make your Rummy experience worth the effort, Rummy Circle ensures that the quality of games is in no way compromised. They even provide the necessary add-ons such as prizes, cash rewards, tournaments and VIP offerings that seem too tempting for a player to outrightly refuse. The graphics of the Rummy Circle is not that impressive but does its job pretty fairly. 

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GetMega Gameplay

While GetMega is not exclusively focused on Rummy, you can play the game here. The best thing about GetMega is that the gameplay is vertical and horizontal depending on the gameplay that you are playing. To enhance your gaming experience, GetMega has given extra effort in the gameplay department. The element of the games is highlighted so that you do not miss out on the information while playing the game. To highlight the main elements of the game, GetMega uses vibrant colours to its advantage. This makes it easy for the players to identify the options without straining their eyes. 

Conclusion – Rummy Circle or GetMega?

If you want to explore variations of Rummy then surely it is Rummy Circle but for the rest, GetMega takes the credit. This is because along with RNG, which is also used in Rummy Circle, there is an advanced shuffling mechanic used in the game of Rummy in GetMega. It makes Rummy a more reliable game in GetMega. Also, limiting oneself to a single game is not ideal for you. By registering at GetMega you get the option to explore multiple games that you can try at some point later. So, the clear winner is GetMega.

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