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Top 5 Unusual Places for Casino Game Lovers

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When someone mentions the word casino, we immediately think of the luxurious establishments or resorts that can be found in Las Vegas. We rarely think of gambling joints that are pretty much in any urban environment where gambling is legal. So, when you think about it casinos go pretty well, with any business that focuses on hospitality and accommodation, as guests will likely find it entertaining. Moreover, the whole interior design is very strategic and incentivizes people to spend more, which can be very lucrative for the owners.

We are pretty much expecting to see a casino as a part of a big hotel or resort. We are also expecting to see gambling joints near bars, as people come together to watch sports. But, there are places where we don’t expect to see either, and yet someone thought it would be a good idea to place these establishments there. So, let’s see what are some of the most unusual places for a gambling parlor.

Casino at the Airport in Amsterdam

You expect to find all sorts of gift shops at the airport but in Amsterdam, you can also find a casino there. This may seem counterintuitive, as who would make a drive all the way to the airport just to gamble, but the more you think about it, the more it starts to make sense. Planes get delayed all the time, and some might be waiting on the connecting flights.

In other words, there are a lot of people at the airport with some extra time to kill. Moreover, they might have some leftover cash in Holland’s currency that they can spend here. What’s actually weird here is that this is probably the only casino at the airport in the whole world, so how come more people haven’t thought of this. 

However, it’s difficult to say for how long this gambling establishment will stay viable, given the fact that online casinos have become legal in the Netherlands. More companies are in the process of acquiring licenses, but there are a lot of no wagering slots UK sites that the Dutch can use from the comforts of their home or mobile. In other words, gambling there is very accessible at a relatively low price.

Casino Palais Savarin – A Museum in Prague

No one would ever build a casino within a museum, but if it was already there, no one would also tear it down. Casino Palais Savarin is situated in a Baroque building from the 18th century, and it is still running. That’s right this casino has been operating for over 100 years, and it also serves as a great tourist attraction. This is also one of the most astonishing buildings in Prague, and you will need to climb a giant staircase in order to reach it.

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People from Czechia also love to gamble, and they even swing hop onto some of the online sites from Poland, since they are neighbors. There are some amazing casino online PL platforms that offer neat bonuses and player incentives, so there is no reason for them not to play on those sites. After all, online players maintain multiple accounts because they get to take advantage of different promotions.

On the Rails (From LA to Las Vegas)

Source: Unsplash

We all know that you can stay at some of the most beautiful resorts or hotels in Las Vegas, and gamble there at any time you want. However, if you are traveling on the X-Train Casino from Los Angeles, you get to enjoy playing casino games while traveling. It’s a 5-hour trip so getting a warm-up before you arrive in Vegas makes sense. This train has been in business since 2011, and it is very luxurious and comfortable.

Casino in State Prison of Nevada

Unfortunately, this casino has been closed for decades, but it was fully operational between 1932 and 1967. Inmates at Nevada State Prison were actually running this casino, and it was accessible to other inmates there. It was a good distraction for people who were serving their sentence, but in 1967 prison gaming was made illegal and the casino was buried. People are really divided on this issue. Some argue that gaming can be positive for rehabilitation, but at the same time if the prison doesn’t feel like a prison, some might have a problem with it. People need to be afraid of the punishment and not look forward to it. 

Desert Cave Hotel in Australia

A cave is a strange place for a hotel, let alone a casino. But that didn’t stop the owners from making this establishment. It is in a very remote location in Coober Pedy, in the middle of the desert cave. It also has a decent selection of games and it is very profitable. You might think this is silly, but, in reality, this is the only casino in an 800-kilometer radius.


Believe it or not, there are more examples of casinos in weird places. There is a casino in an Antarctic base Esperanza, there are planes that host casino games, and there is a casino in Illinois puddle. The last example was built only to make use of a legal loophole that allowed riverboat gambling. It is really surprising to see the lengths people go to, just to enable gambling.

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