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March Madness Tournament: Most Memorable Moments and Upsets

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The greatest of all time – March Madness fever is here! However, the league is beyond who will win the title run. Every year the NCAA tournament imprints a flood of memories on the fans’ minds. There have been several record-breaking moments in this mega sports event, from the unexpected winning shots to underdogs upsetting favorites.

On this note, let’s relive some unforgettable moments in the history of the NCAA championship league.

1981 – A Signature Buzzer Beater

The defending champ Louisville dismantled by Arkansas in the second round is a story to rewind. Although Louisville was leading by 73-72, the game took a 360-degree turn when U.S. Reed launched a 49-foot shot in the last 5 seconds of the game.

The half-court shot went in at the buzzer, which earned the team game-winning-two points.

1983 – NC State Upset Houston Cougars

The season’s strong basketball team, Houston Cougars losing the title against NC State is worth discussing. From when the sports match kicked up, NC State led the game by 33-25 till halftime. The Cougars tried to get control in the second half, yet it was merely for the first 10 minutes.

Soon NC State was back with a bang and tied the game at 52. In the last 2 seconds of a heated match, Lorenzo Charles helped NC State to win the title by 54-52 through his decisive score.

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It was the second time NC State lifted the national championship trophy in 1983.

1990 – UConn Huskies Upset Clemson Tigers

If you think a perfect pass doesn’t exist, wait a moment. You need to replay the 1990 UConn Huskies vs. Huskies game.

As UConn was trailing the Sweet 16 game by 70-69, Huskies Scott Burrell and Tate George turned the ball in their court (yeah, literally) in a fraction of a second.

Burrell tossed the full-court pass in the last second of the game. The teammate George instantly turned and shot the 17-footer to win the matchup. Well, this 1990 NCAA league shows miracles do happen.

1992 – Christian Laettner’s Turnaround

During the Elite 8 game, Christian Laether’s lightning-speed turnaround jumper left Kentucky and viewers stunned. As a result, Duke won the match by 104-103 victory at the overtime buzzer. It’s indeed one of the most remarkable finishes on the hardwood.

Later, the team even took home the March Madness trophy that year.

1995 – Tyus Edney’s Buzzer Beater Against Missouri

Repeatedly winning matches during the 1995 college basketball season, UCLAseized the No. 1 seed in the West Region. The team was indeed hungry for an NCAA championship title run. The signs also seemed favorable for UCLA to earn the title that year.

However, UCLA was almost on the verge of losing the title. The team trailed by one against Missouri in the second round. With only 4.8 seconds remaining, Tyus Edney stepped up. Edney launched the shot at the buzzer by passing the ball at the entire length of the court.

Edney’s shot banked off the glass, saving the day and honor for the UCLA team. This iconic buzzer-beater led his team to reach the finals against Arkansas and eventually win their 11th March Madness trophy.

This trip down memory lane also refreshes the bet predictions that rightly favored UCLA for the matchup. So to improve your winning odds this year, read a complete guide on March Madness betting 2023.

2011 –  Jimmer Fredette Advanced BYU to Third Round

Another most talked about play in NCAA tournament history is this second-round match. Jimmer Fredette’s 34 points game with unbelievable finishes at the rim against Gonzaga led No. 3 seeded BYU to an 89-67 victory. It was indeed an experience to behold for a lifetime.

2019 – Kyle Guy’s Free Throws

The three free throws at the foul line by Kyle Guy in the last 0.6 secondsled Virginia past Auburn in the Final Four. With a victory score of 63-62, Virginia earned a spot in the NCAA title game for the first time. Undoubtedly, it’s the wildest play to date. Nobody could believe the leading team lost the game in the blink of an eye.

Wrapping Up

Some sports tournament actions could never wash away from the heart. As March Madness is almost here, sports professionals and fans are ready to witness more history-making moments. Like previous years, we’re positive college basketball players will also create disruptions this season.

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