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Mobile Wallet- Definition of Mobile Wallets and Their Functionality

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As technology reaches its height of development, human life is also becoming easy. Earlier, you had selective ways for carrying out monetary transactions. But today, you will be able to establish almost all your works with the help of mobile wallets. Are you interested to know about what mobile wallets are in actual? Want to know how do they work? If yes, then this article is for you!

Is Mobile Wallet a Virtual Wallet?

A mobile wallet is a special type of wallet that can be easily accessed through any smart device, including a tablet or smartphone. All you need is to install a particular app that may vary from one wallet to the other for accessing the same. Hence, it is also known as a virtual wallet as all the activities are carried through the online mode.

The wallet also stores the credit card and debit card numbers that help make an in-store payment. The introduction of a digital wallet in the Bitcoin Era has proved to be of great advantage as users need not fear theft. They need not carry a lump sum amount of money along with them anymore. Mobile wallets are genuinely accepted as specialized methods of payments in maximum stores. Some fine examples of mobile wallets are Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay.

Types of Mobile Wallets

After getting an insight into mobile wallets, it is high time to know about the various types. Below are the three different types of mobile wallets available from where you will be able to select the one based on your utility:

  • Open wallet – As clear by the name, open wallets is used directly by banks or any third party. They permit the customers to properly use the funds available in the wallet for making transactions. Also, they will be able to withdraw cash from these wallets. PayPal is the best example.
  • Closed wallet – The closed wallet is a special type of wallet that can be used to fund specific merchants only. Users will not be able to use the money for carrying out transactions with merchants that are not linked. One fine example of a closed wallet is Amazon Pay.
  • Semi-closed wallet – Semi-closed wallets permit users to utilize the funds in the wallets for carrying out transactions with a wide range of merchants. It is essential to have a contract between the mobile wallet and the merchant for carrying out transactions. However, users will deposit funds but not allow users to withdraw the same.

After coming across the various types of wallets, it is high time to know how mobile wallets work.

How Mobile Wallets Work?

For utilizing the amazing benefits of mobile wallets, first and foremost, it is advisable to download the respective app into your device. Afterward, the card information like debit or credit card must be stored for permitting smooth carrying out of transactions. Once stored, the digital valuables indicate that your mobile wallet is ready to use.

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As personal information is stored, high security is the need of the hour. Keeping the security factor in mind, you should always keep all your financial details secret. Even, the login password must not be leaked to anyone. For betterment, it will be a good idea to note the password in a specific place where nobody can access it. Password loss may result in lots of inconveniences.

The mobile wallet is regarded as a container of digital valuables that can be used in a business context. Once you are done with supplying the credit card number, it can be utilized for making payments. As the respective bank provides the service, it will authorize the transaction. The bank, being the service provider, will debit the money from the respective account.

Final Words

To make generous use of a mobile wallet, you need not be tech-savvy. All you need is basic internet knowledge and the use of your smartphone. Lastly, it is better not to leak the password to any third party as doing so may result in a heartrending loss. If you want to start investing in crypto you must know about cryptocurrency trading.

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