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My Favorite Cold Weather Gear from Burlington Coat Factory

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Winter is coming, and we’re all dreading the cold weather. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Winter is the season for making snowmen and warm food, too. Winter can be the most romantic season.

When you’re walking to school or getting in and out of the car, you need practical clothes that work in a variety of temperatures. You don’t want to be freezing outside but burn up in the car. Flexibility is key.

One of the best things about winter is pulling out all of the old fashions that got you through the past years. But if you need a wardrobe update or the moths ate your old favorite, you should check out Burlington Coat Factory for great deals on high-quality jackets and coats.

Women’s Midweight Coat

We don’t all live in states where it snows every day. Some people just need a nice midweight coat for the cooler days. This midweight jacket is perfect because it lets you layer with a nice hoodie for a warm but flexible style.

The interior is made of pure cotton to breathe well, so you’ll love how it feels against your skin. This jacket is also easy to care for. Just throw it in the wash, and you’ll be all set.

Everyone needs a nice water-resistant jacket, even if you just throw it in the back of your car for cool evenings out. This is the practical choice every woman should have in her closet.

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Branded Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets are great youth-style basics that every woman loves. They’re casual and warm, perfect for quick trips to the store or doing some errands.

One of the things women love about puffer jackets is that they breathe well. They won’t leave you feeling sticky while you’re putting up Christmas lights or shoveling some snow.

Puffer jackets are a youth style, but any fun and casual person will love the look. It even works for an edgier look, so there’s something for everyone.

Women’s Bomber Jacket

Made with cruelty-free vegan leather, this jacket looks great and feels nice on your skin. You’ll love the tailored fit that’ll work great for your fun-casual style. And, since it’s wind-tight, it really keeps you warm on brisk days.

This jacket looks great on anyone, but it’s best for people looking for an edgier look. If you love the look of leather but don’t want to wear the real thing, this cruelty-free jacket is a must-have.

Faux Wool Coat

Faux wool is in style because it’s cruelty-free. Meet the best-selling coat, where the classic wool material meets contemporary design, which is very trendy this fall. Because it’s made of soft vegan wool, you won’t have to give up elegance to be warm.

The textured wool coat will keep you warm but is made for the cooler days of spring or warmer states.

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