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NFTs And Football – What’s The Connection?

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All of a sudden, NFTs seem to be something that everyone’s talking about. And, we’ve seen a little bit of enthusiasm about it from the footballing world.

But, what are they, really?

In this blog, we’re going to hover over the topic of NFTs and discuss the connection between them and football. It’s going to be a crazy ride. So, let’s get started with it right away!

NFT – A Brief Introduction

The abbreviation NFT refers to a term known as “non-fungible token.” 

It’s a type of unique virtual collectible that can be tracked on a blockchain ecosystem to offer a sense of authenticity. An NFT can feature or represent almost anything found online, like –

  • A piece of art.
  • A photo or image of a popular entity.
  • 3-D rendering of a trophy, or
  • Match highlights (yes, we’re not even joking!).

So, yes, you can consider anything like a real-life collectible, such as a trump card. However, as they have their own quality, you can also relate them to something like a vinyl record.

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Also, as they’re entirely unique, no one can replace an NFT with another of such a token. The data available can’t be edited or changed as well – hence, making them truly non-fungible.

An NFT can only be traded through a viable trading platform, though. Therefore if you want to sell something, we’ll ask you to use the crypto boom. It’s secure and easy to use.

Examples Of NFTs In Football

So, are you getting a little interested in the world of NFTs? Do you want to delve deeper into the world of Footballing NFTs? Well, then, you have come to the right place!

Example – 1: Sorare

The French tech firm, Sorare, has done something different with the NFTs. They have created a type of fantasy football ecosystem and the players have been turned into tokens.

Hence, you can use the same to sell, buy, or trade footballers on your own. Additionally, it’ll also be possible for you to create a virtual team by buying player cards from the store.

Sorare’s Pricing: A 1-of-1 card of Christiano Ronaldo has been sold at a price of over GBP 200,000 in May 2021. Conversely, an Erling Haaland card has been sold at GBP 600,000.

Example – 2: Messiverse

Yes, you’ve guessed it right. The Argentine football sensation, Lionel Messi, has an eloquent and massive collection of NFTs as well. It was curated with BossLogic, an Australian artist.

The tokens are made or minted on the Ethernity platform. Hence, they’re quite real and come with a unique experience or moment that Messi has shared with us during his career.

Messiverse’s Pricing: For instance, “The Golden One” token of Lionel Messi was traded and sold at a pricing of GBP one million. The other NFTs tend to have the same price as well.

Example – 3: Socios

The other tokens mentioned here are quite something that’s going to make you something like a fan. Nothing else. But, Socios has an entirely different idea than that.

As their tagline says, you can be “more than a fan” with Socios.

For example, like any other aforementioned tokens, you can also buy a token from Socios by visiting the required platform. However, once you buy it, you’ll have a say in the cosmetic affairs of your favourite club.

Like, you’ll be able to get a signed shirt from a football player (of the same club) for free. Or, it might also be possible for you to determine what music should play when your club scores.

The Bottom Line

The world of NFT is still quite new if we’re being honest. But, the football world is adapting to it quite quickly and efficiently. Hence, if you are a football fan, but want to be a little more than that, you may try investing in the NFTs. 

We have already offered you three different choices from our end. So, we think it’s your turn to share it all now. Let us know if you have or want to use something for your purpose. We’ll add them in our article the next time we update it. So, thanks in advance!

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