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Online Betting at GGBET. The Best Polish Bookmaker for eSports?

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Esports betting gathers millions of people at their computer screens every day. Some enjoy watching their favorite teams battling for the championship, while others feel the need not only to watch but also to participate. However, the latter happens not on the game battlefield but on an online bookmaker website. Polish eSports is in the top 20 in the world, and a lot of people are willing to bet on their favorite teams and earn money.

Gambling history in Poland

The Poland authorities have been maintaining an indifferent approach towards betting since the 1990s. The minor regulatory law policy was introduced in 1992. This allowed the development of the industry, making betting a popular pastime. Thousands of bookmaker offices were opened across the country. They were thriving despite the tax system that deducted 10% both from the operator and the winning.

This changed in 2009 with The Polish Act on Gaming, followed by the Amendments in 2011. The changes have mainly touched the operation of the casino system and re-established online betting via the websites regulated now by state laws. Since then, Polish bookmakers have lost the competition with their European colleagues. Due to a high tax, they are forced to offer worse odds, and bettors are missing out and losing their profits. And since it’s easy, safe, and profitable to bet from abroad on international betting sites, more and more people will continue to choose this option.

Check-list for choosing a bookmaker

When choosing the site to place a bet, the user will search for safety, comfort, and diversity. Finding a good online bookmaker to bet with may be challenging, but there are some specific features to look for that will signal the website that is worth your attention. Check them out.

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  • High betting odds. The higher the odds, the more money you can get. So it’s all about profitability.
  • Number and variety of bets available on different disciplines.
  • Support for eSports as it is a relatively new, fast-developing, and trending area.
  • The presence of any bonuses and special offers for eSports disciplines.
  • Be sure you can withdraw your money quickly, safely, and easily. You do not want to waste money on bets without an option to take your winnings.
  • Simple and handy way to create, verify and protect your account. You should be able to access it easily, reconfirm your identity if you forgot the password, and meanwhile, it should be protected from any hacking attempt.
  • The availability of technical support and the willingness to help the customer.
  • The ease and safety of your account funding.
  • Up-to-date technologies of the service offered. These include an adaptive website that loads without glitches on any device, full integration with international payment systems, etc.

GG Bet as a great choice for online betting in Poland

GG Bet is run by a team of passionate eSports professionals. They claim their mission is to establish a convenient web platform with an intuitive interface and coverage of every major global eSports tournament. And we must say they cope with this perfectly well.

At the official website of the bookmaker ggbetpl.com you have access to the most diverse selection of eSports disciplines on the web. The GGBet accepts pre-match and live bets for all the major gaming events in seventeen eSports disciplines, including CS: GO, LoL, Dota 2, Rocket League, PUBG, CoD, Fortnite, Valorant, FIFA, NBA, etc. You can also bet on matches in traditional sports.

The betting line includes dozens of markets to bet on. You can make a bet for the match winner, exact score, match/map handicap, total, individual total, and so many more. If you are a Dota 2 fan, you’d probably like your bookmaker to give you the chance of wagering some game-specific bets. With GGBet, everything’s possible: first blood, first Roshan, kill the first courier, destroy the first tower – choose any you like and make a winning bet.

Every eSports event is broadcasted live, so you can enjoy watching the game and make your bets with the best GGBet odds without leaving the website.

Another reason bookmaker stands out is that the site offers a wide range of payment options and a transparent withdrawal process. Its customer support team is known to be quick to answer and mainly resolves issues in favor of the customer provided they haven’t violated any site’s policies.

The last but probably, most important is that GGBet is a licensed betting services provider, which means your rights are protected. You can legally bet here in Poland without paying a tax. How is that possible? The bookmaker is licensed by Curacao, so it sticks to the laws of that state.

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