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Step By Step Guide: Picking the Right Play-to-Earn Game for You

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Ways to earn some extra money for yourself are expanding. With the emergence of the internet, many people found creative and fun ways to earn some extra money on the side. One of those ways certainly includes games. There are various different games you can play in order to earn extra cash. If you are new to this world, then the number of choices can be quite overwhelming. But, to help you out, here are some great tips on choosing the right play-to-earn game that you’ll enjoy.

Define Your Goal – Coins, NFTs or Both?

Every play-to-earn game will offer its players rewards in different forms. Some games use actual money, while others rely on less traditional currencies like the famous NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Each of these non-traditional currencies can be traded and sold inside the game to other players, or even to external traders. To help yourself choose the game you’d like to play, you should first decide if you want to earn coins or NFTs. If you’d like to play games that offer rewards in coins you can later exchange, then you can look for games and operators like BitStarz Casino. Such operators offer great casino games that you can enjoy and earn some extra money. Another great coin game is Coin Hunt World where you can earn ether and bitcoin.

So, before you choose a platform or game, it’s essential you first understand how you will get your rewards for playing the game. And how much time it will take you to earn them. Games that offer NFTs are usually simpler in nature and don’t involve complex quests and tasks, while bitcoin and other crypto games will require some skills.

How Easy Is It to Cash Out?

Many play-to-earn games are built on popular blockchains, and converting them to another coin may be a complex process. NFTs, too, could take time to sell, and in-game coins’ value can fluctuate and vary. So, before you invest your time and money in a game, you should do some research and understand how you can use the coins you earn from the game and convert them to real-world earnings. It is of the utmost importance to know how to convert your digital currencies, and this can help you decide which game is the best choice for you.

How Much Should You Invest to Get Started?

Just like any other video game, you need to buy a starter pack in order to start playing these play-to-earn games. Usually, you have to buy those packs with cryptocurrency and the entry cost varies from game to game.

For example, the popular Axie Infinity requires you to purchase at least three Axies in order to start. The most common price for Axies is between $35 and $70, while some rare examples can cost hundreds of dollars. In many other games, however, you won’t have to spend that much or even make a purchase to enter the game. However, you will need to spend some cash to access premium features or those play-to-earn aspects for which you’re there. Another great example is Decentraland, where you can start with very little. However, if you want to keep playing and claim a username, you will have to buy 100 Mana, which costs around $216.

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As you can see, it all depends on the game. You can designate a budget for this, for example, and choose a game based on how much money you are willing to invest.

How to Find Games?

Once you’ve understood how cryptos and NFTs work and how you can enter games, it’s time to find and choose some. You can easily search for such games on Google, but there are two great sources of existing and upcoming games – DappRadar and CoinMarketCap. Both of these provide players with insight into new games, and existing ones, as well as token price trends, and will help you get started with their guides. Just make sure you properly research the game you plan to start playing, just to make sure your information and money are safe and secure.

Just like starting to play any other game, you should do some research and try to understand the game. When that’s done, you can take your pick and start playing for amazing rewards.

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