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Thai police Make New Arrests In Fight Against Illegal Gambling Operations

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In Thailand, the majority of gambling activities are prohibited under the country’s legislation. This includes online gambling, even though it is not specifically mentioned in the laws. The only exceptions to this rule are the national lottery operated by the Government Lottery Office and horse racing betting at a few selected tracks. Despite these strict regulations, online gambling remains a lucrative industry in the country. Recent reports indicate that the online gaming revenue in Thailand reached $58.27 million in 2021 and is expected to exceed $67 million by 2023. This lucrative industry tempts some individuals to organize illegal gambling operations, despite the government’s crackdown on such activities.

Although illegal gambling is prevalent in Thailand, the government has been implementing measures to counter such activities. The crackdown on illegal gambling has intensified in recent years, with the authorities carrying out numerous raids to curb such operations. Law enforcement agencies have been working closely with internet service providers and banks to track down illegal gambling activities. These measures have resulted in the arrest of several individuals involved in illegal gambling, and the seizure of large sums of money and assets related to illicit activities.

The Macau888 Gambling Ring Arrests

A recent raid on illicit gambling operations resulted in the arrest of 32 people associated with the Macau888 online gambling network. The operation was carried out by the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB), which conducted raids around the country.

During a separate investigation, investigators discovered a rare Lamborghini Mad Bull Liberty Walk Aventador V2 valued at over 44 million baht in a warehouse in a Bangkok neighborhood. The automobile is thought to belong to Chaiwat Kajornboonthavorn, 37, also known as “Benz Demon,” a crucial suspect, and is one of just 50 made worldwide.

The 32 suspects apprehended performed a variety of roles in the illicit enterprise, including page administrators, money handlers, and managers of bank accounts opened by individuals in exchange for monetary rewards. The commissioner of the CCIB, Pol Lt-Gen Worawat Watnakhonbancha, has stated that additional raids are expected because over 40 places have been related to illegal operations.

CCIB officers investigated a prominent Bangkok pub frequented by Benz Demon over the weekend to gather evidence. Meanwhile, officials inspected a fancy apartment in the Sukhumvit area allegedly owned by Benz Demon, where it was determined that goods had been removed from the room by a contractor on February 2nd.

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According to police records, Benz Demon and his younger brother, known simply as “Bright,” left Thailand on January 16th for Hong Kong. Bright returned to Thailand on February 1st and was detained at the airport’s police station for seven days for traveling overseas without authorization.

Benz Demon Arrested at the Airport

The primary suspect also returned to Thailand on February 14th. Chaiwat Kachornboonthaworn was promptly arrested at the airport and transported to the Criminal Court on the 15th. As the defendant disputed all charges, officials asked that he be held for another 12 days.

In the meantime, the list of suspects linked to the illegal gambling operation grew to 55. The owner of Thaicasinocenter has praised the government’s efforts to combat illegal gambling. “I believe that the government has taken a positive step in dealing with illegal gambling activities before considering legalizing certain forms of gambling.” Illegal gambling not only results in substantial revenue losses, but it also harms the country’s image and causes delays in the development of casino resorts,” he stated.

Steps Taken to Allow Casino Development

In 2022, the parliament received a motion to develop casino resorts from a panel of Thai lawmakers. Within the report, a proposal was made for the government to enact a decree that would permit “entertainment complexes” under national law. These resorts would be constructed in major cities throughout the country and would encompass legally operated casinos aimed at tourists.

The proposed construction of casinos in various locations across Thailand is part of a larger initiative aimed at revitalizing the nation’s struggling tourism industry. By developing blueprints for these casino complexes, Thailand may be able to attract significant investment from foreign investors and tourists, potentially generating billions of dollars in revenue.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the arrest of the 32 suspects linked to the Macau888 illegal gambling operation in Thailand is a significant step towards cracking down on illegal gambling in the country. However, the issue of illegal gambling continues to be a persistent problem, and more work needs to be done to address it.

The local authorities must continue to work closely with other agencies to identify and track down individuals involved in illegal gambling operations. They must also focus on educating the public about the risks associated with illegal gambling, including money laundering and addiction. By taking these steps, Thailand can begin to tackle the problem of illegal gambling and create a safer and more stable environment for its citizens.

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