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The Complete Guide To Fruit Shop Slot Gaming

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The fruit shop slot is one of the latest slots by the NetEnt software platform. This game is filled with different fruits and symbols that are captivating to the eye. So, for small-time gamblers who enjoy playing games with little risk and lots of fun, go to fruit-shop-slot.com for the perfect combination of fun and profit. In this article, we will be giving you a complete guide on playing the fruit shop slot game.

Fruit Shop Slot Overview

The fruit shop slot is a video slot with five reels and three rows. It offers 15 fixed paylines and a high RTP of 96.7, which is good. The volatility is in its medium-range with a hit frequency of 27.2%, meaning there is a high chance of getting a winning combination.

Furthermore, the fruit shop slot has been regarded as NetEnt’s most popular slot game, prevalent among many online casinos. Also, it is compatible with all devices like Android, IOS, Mac, Tablets, or Linux.

The soundtrack and design have been likened to playing the popular mobile game Candy crush or the award-winning Fruit ninja game, which gives the feeling of being on a tropical island in summer.

Features of Fruit Shop Slot

The main features offered when you go to fruit-shop-slot.com are:

● Wilds

The wilds symbol is the fruit shop slot logo with multipliers attached that helps to double your winnings.

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● Free Spins

The free spin feature is the main attraction of fruit shop slots. Its free spin is quite different from other slots. If you get a win with corresponding fruit symbols, you will be rewarded with several free spins.

For example, if you match four characters, you will be rewarded with two extra spins, while matching five symbols gets you Five extra spins. The occurrence rate of free spins is very high, which increases the game’s profitability.

Symbols of Fruit Shop Slots

There are a total of 11 symbols, including the fruit shop logo. The remaining symbols are categorised into grades which are :

● The 5 Card symbols

They are regarded as the low paying symbols which consist of A, K, Q, J and 10.

● The 5 Fruit Symbols

The fruit symbols are worth more than the card symbol. The characters are watermelon, orange, lemon, plums, and cherry. However, the fruits are not all worth the same; the plums and cherries are the highest paying fruits.

How to Earn with Fruit Shop Slot

The most important way to earn when you go to fruit-shop-slot.com is by getting the right combinations which also trigger your free spins and thereby increase your chances of winning. Furthermore, the bet placed on each spin ranges from the minimum amount of $0.15 and the highest of $150.

Getting different fruit symbols on the payline has various good consequences on your Initial stake. These are a few things you get when you get a particular symbol on the payline.

● 3 to 5 of the watermelon symbol on the same line give you two to four free spins

● If you land five matching symbols of any of the 5 card symbols, you can get between 3.33x to 10x of your Initial wager.

● Take note of the less paying symbols like watermelon, orange, and lemon. If you match 5 of them, you can get between 13.3x to 50x of your Initial wager.

Also, if you land five matching symbols for the plum, you get 1000 coins which are also 66.6x of your Initial wager. However, for the cherries, which are the highest paid, you can get up to 2000 coins. These coins are equivalent to 133.3x of your Initial bet for five matching kinds on the payline.

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