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The most expensive sport in the world is not ski jumping or soccer. And not all sports are the same. Some of them demand a lot of money from their athletes. If your favourite sport is running, for example, you’re in luck: all you need is a good pair of shoes and two good lungs, and you’re good to go. But if your heart beats for Formula One, polo or sailing, you should have a solid bank balance. So, which is the most expensive sport in the world? 


Unlike other equestrian sports, polo requires you to own not just one horse (which is already a significant expense), but at least three or four. This is because a game requires a lot of physical effort from the animal, and if you play several times a week, you need to use different animals. In addition to the price of the horses (which, of course, varies depending on the breed), there are the costs of maintenance, feed, as well as trainers, and the high cost of registration for tournaments. This can cost up to 50,000 euros per year, and it makes polo an expensive sport.


Do you like to enjoy the speed of a Formula One car? Well, many people are fascinated by these sports, and there are even computer and casino games such as Elk Studios slots which are based on racing symbolic. Your wallet won’t thank you. The most expensive thing about racing isn’t even the years of training it takes to get to the level of a famous racer. To make it to the top, you’ll need to buy at least a couple of cars (and hope none of them gets wrecked in a race). And the entry fee to enter a race can be also overwhelming. So, it’s not only inadvisable but impossible to fund this sport on your own. You need a sponsor who is willing to invest in you, otherwise, you’d rather go-karting. 


Skiing can also be practised as a financial extreme sport – for example, in the form of heliskiing in remote regions, such as on lonely peaks in Canada, Alaska or Kamchatka. There, you can be dropped off by a helicopter and enjoy unique descents in untouched deep snow. Grandiose views and nature experiences are included.  


Who wants to play golf and attaches importance to an exclusive circle in the clubhouse and on the Green, must dig deep into the bag. The admission fee in the lucrative gold club can be as much as half a million euros. In addition, there are always green fees for each round of play.

And that’s not all: golf clubs, bags, shoes – there’s a lot to be paid for here, too. To ensure that the handicap is respectable, one or two lessons with a trainer will certainly be required. And if you want to keep up and have something to talk about in the clubhouse, you can of course visit other exquisite golf clubs around the world, for example in St. Andrews, Scotland, which is considered to be the cradle of golf.

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One of the most fascinating and adrenaline-pumping disciplines is wingsuit flying. In fact, with a special wingsuit, a person can soar through the skies at impressive speeds. However: the biggest cost is not the cost of buying the special suit (they are already available for less than 3,000 euros). The biggest cost comes from the cost of instruction, renting the aircraft from which to jump, the pilot’s salary and, most importantly, the cost of insurance. Practising wingsuit sports at the amateur level can cost up to 40,000 euros per year.

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