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The Most Unusual Sports Competitions of All Time

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People enjoy watching football or baseball games. They get even more engaged while they bet using TonyBet promotions. But not all matches are available for online betting. These are 10 options that are not as popular but still fun to watch.


This unusual sport will appeal to fans of extreme sports. All you need for jibbing is a pair of sneakers with a special indentation to slide over the railing. This trick is so popular that it is used by video game characters such as Sonic and Tidus from Final Fantasy X.


This game begins with one team sending an “invader” into enemy territory. If the invader touches someone on the opposing team and escapes to his territory, he earns a point. But if the invader is touched or grabbed without escaping, the point goes to the opposing team. Any touched player is out of the game.

Royal Shrovetide Football

Can you imagine a football match in which the whole town of several thousand people takes part, where even women and children reach for the ball, forgetting everything else? That’s exactly how you could describe the Royal Shrovetide Football game held in Ashbourne.

Towel Toss

In this game, participants are divided into two teams: “throwers” and “shiners”. The throwing team chooses one player, around whom competitors gather in a circle. The thrower has to hit someone in the circle with a towel soaked in beer. If the thrower hits, a point is awarded to the throwing team. But if he misses, he drinks a certain amount of beer. The game ends when all 4 rounds have been played or when no one can keep their feet anymore.


Hornussen is positioned as a game for farmers. It combines features of hockey and baseball. One team launches a rubber ball, called a hornussen, with a flexible rod. To earn points, their opponents must hit the ball with a special racket that looks like an enormous poster. Otherwise, the point is given to the serving team.

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Camel Fights

Camel fights, which are held in Turkey, do without blood and casualties. The fight ends when one of the camels runs away or falls to the ground.

Extreme Ironing

The essence of this sport is simple. You need to take an iron, ironing board and iron something in the most unexpected place. You can drive the iron over the board during a parachute jump or quietly iron things while on the summit of Everest. Unfortunately, there are no special sporting events for extreme ironing yet, but ironers continue to show the world another crazy way to iron things.

Worm Charming Competition

In Britain, worm charming is an official sport. It is so popular that the World Worm Charming Championship is held annually in Cheshire County. The rules are quite simple. You are given a 3×3 meter plot of land, and you must lure as many worms out of the ground and collect as many as possible in 30 minutes.

The Game of Conker

World conker championship takes place every October in Ashton in Northamptonshire and attracts over three hundred conker players from all over the world. The aim of the game is to break the opponent’s conker. Conkers are the fruit of the horse chestnut, which is suspended from a rope. And the player himself must be fast. Otherwise, his conker will be broken.

Bed Races

In 1965, only the U.S. military raced on the beds, but over time, this fun game has become more popular. To win, you have to be the first to cross the finish line. But certain rules must be followed. A bed with only one person in it must be pushed by six participants. The bed must stay on the water since the last stage of the race is to cross the river.

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