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The weirdest betting events of the last decade

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One of the beauties of gambling is the range of things you can bet on. In fact, as long as you can think of a bet, it is very likely that a bookmaker will offer you odds on it, and you can request this of many online bookies, such as Paddy Power or Skybet. In this article, we will take a look at the weirdest events that you can bet on in the last decade.

Wife carrying

In Ireland, there are wife carrying events, in which a man has to carry a woman, who is not necessarily his wife, through a 253 metre obstacle course. The winners are the first couple to cross the finish line, and Paddy Power have sponsored these races in the past. This means that you can bet on who can carry their wife the fastest!

Cheese rolling

In a similar vein to wife carrying, you can also bet on cheese rolling. This is an event that takes place in Gloucester in England, and involves a large round cheese being rolled down a very steep hill and many people running after it as fast as they can. It is actually quite dangerous with broken bones every year, and you can bet on the outcome of the chase.

Alien life

Totally different to the first two events on this list, you can also place bets on when alien life will be proven. Many, many scientists and thinkers believe that alien life is not just probable, it is guaranteed, but so far, alien life is yet to be discovered and as such can not be proven to exist beyond reasonable doubt. Paddy Power offered this bet in 2017, with odds of 3/1 for it to be discovered in 2017, 18/1 in 2018, 22/1 in 2019 and 1/7 in 2020 or later. We now know that only the 1/7 could be a winner, but it first requires the discovery of alien life which may not ever happen.

The end of the world

Another Paddy Power special from 2017, you could place a bet on when you thought the world was going to end. The odds were 100/1 for the world to end in 2017 and 500/1 for it to end in 2018. Placing either of these bets would be a dubious decision, since if the world was to end, it seems unlikely that Paddy Power would honour their debt, because the world would have ended. It was most likely a publicity stunt or just a little bit of fun, but you could indeed bet on when the world would end.

Polar bear going extinct

Paddy Power were once again the bookmakers behind this bet, as they have made a reputation for themselves for offering the weirdest and most controversial bets of all. In 2011, you could place a bet on whether or not the polar bear was going to go extinct. Some though that this was taking betting too far, and that you should not be allowed to place a bet on such a sad event happening. Paddy Power offered it all the same.

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Kim Jong Un

There are a variety of bets that you can place to do with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un. For example, you can place a bet on when you think he will no longer be North Korea’s supreme leader, and what the cause of this is. Death is currently the most likely reason, but you can also bet on more light hearted things, such as Kim challenging Donald Trump to a game of golf. This seems unlikely but they are both golf fans and crazier things have certainly happened.

Bog snorkelling

You may not have heard of this, but it is very popular and is certainly something that is worth trying or at least seeing. Bog snorkelling has been going for an impressive thirty five years thanks to Rude Health World Blog and takes place annually in the UK. It is pretty self-explanatory and involves a lot of snorkelling in bogs. There is no swimming allowed, only flipping. You can bet on a variety of markets for this unusual event

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