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4 Organic TikTok Strategies for E-Commerce Brands

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After the Covid-19 pandemic, the business world saw massive shifts. As a result, all business-related activities slowed down.

Luckily, businesses have found ways to adapt to the situation so well. Many brands have started using online platforms to carry out their business activities. Hence, e-commerce industries have started picking up.

Do you know that TikTok is now a hub for many e-commerce brands?

If you are not aware, it is true. Because TikTok has introduced some useful features for e-commerce activities. The e-commerce-friendly features allow users to use the analytics tool, attach product URLs and create attractive ads. If you wish to improve your e-commerce business, seeking help from Trollishly will help you meet your business goals.

Let’s First Understand the Benefits of Tiktok for Your E-commerce Brand:

  • Research studies reveal that 41 % of TikTok users feel the need to buy a product after seeing a product on TikTok.
  • TikTok is an ideal platform to promote all types of businesses because of its vast user base. Brand owners will be able to reach out to their target audience easily.
  • TikTok enables your video content to go viral if the content is informative and creative. Viral content helps increase brand visibility.
  • TikTok also helps e-commerce brands to sell their products through sites like Shopify.
  • The trends-based approach that TikTok follows allows brand owners to be aware of recent trends and stay ahead of their competitors.

Having understood the benefits of TikTok for your E-Commerce brand, let’s now learn the different methods to improve your E-Commerce business.

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The 4 Effective Organic Tiktok Strategies to Elevate Your E-commerce Brand:

The opportunity for organic TikTok growth is massive at present. As the competition increases, people will start posting more videos on TikTok. Advertisers, too, will begin paying more to promote their ads. Hence, using the four effective organic TikTok strategies will help you get good results for your E-Commerce brand and stay ahead of your competitors.

The four organic TikTok strategies are as follows:

1) Use a Familiar Face for Your Tiktok Videos Always:

Pick 2-3 TikTok content creators, such as members of your business team or user-generated content creators. Ensure that these creators know what’s trending on TikTok and what’s relevant at a given time. The content creators should also be able to blend your brand into the current trends and culture of TikTok.

If you use this method, hire 2-3 familiar faces to promote your brand on TikTok. Because if one person stops working for you, you can get the other two to work for you.

The Key Benefits:

  1. The familiar face technique is the most popular among e-commerce brands.
  2. It will help build trust among the audience.
  3. This technique helps build a good relationship with the audience.
  4. It helps build a strong brand community.

2) Influencer Seeding:

This technique involves sending your products to influencers, user-generated content creators, and other loyal clients. Influencer seeding is similar to the word-of-mouth marketing technique. If users like your product, they will promote it on TikTok.

To use this technique well, you must follow a proper seeding system. You must choose a method to approach the influencers, send the products to them, and receive feedback. If the input is positive, you can request the influencers to give you a shout-out on TikTok.

Consider automating the entire seeding process. Virtual assistants and other software will help you in this regard.

The Key Benefits:

  1. As many influencers will use your products, you will receive different content styles from various creators. Hence, you can explore other content styles and choose the best.
  2. It helps you get user-generated content that is more authentic to promote your brand. You can also buy tiktok followers tosend your products to active followers and get user-generated content.
  3. You don’t have to find someone from your team and monitor their work constantly.

3) In-the-Wild Interviews:

Here the interviewer goes into the public and asks people questions related to them and to your brand. The interviewers will also carry your product around and request the interviewees to try your product.

For Ex: If your brand makes shoes, the interviewer you choose will go about asking people random questions related to them and your brand. Once the interviewer builds a good rapport, the interviewer will request the interviewee to try a pair of shoes belonging to your brand. The interviewers use a funny tone while talking to the interviewees.      

If you wish to use in-the-wild interviews, you can incorporate some form of a challenge. Ex: If you’re a beauty brand, you can give eyeliner to people and tell them, “let’s see how quickly you will be able to put on your eye makeup.” Using challenges of this sort will help people relate to your brand better and remember your brand very well.

The Key Benefits:

  1. The in-the-wild interview technique is one of the most engaging techniques and appears less promotional.
  2. The in-the-wild interview technique helps your brand go viral to a large extent. It also helps drive traffic on TikTok and helps increase your followers, reach, and engagement.

4) Answer the Comments on TikTok:

Ensure to communicate with your audience as much as possible on TikTok. Answer their questions regularly in the comment section. You could also take their content ideas and make videos around the suggested topics.

TikTok has a reply with the video feature. Hence, you can reply to a comment, create a video with that particular comment and post it as fresh content. Ensure your replies are either helpful or funny to build a connection with the audience.

The Key Benefits:

  1. The answer to the comment technique helps build a good connection with the audience.
  2. It helps to get ideas for conversations with your audience as they make the first move.


E-commerce brands have started using TikTok because of its high user engagement rate. The four effective organic strategies we have shared will help take your e-commerce brand to the next level. Hence, try using all four techniques and choose the one that suits your brand better.

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