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Top 10 Best Stadia Games You Can Play For Free

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Google Stadia might not be very popular among gamers due to its track record, which is quite bumpy, to say the least. However, despite its not-so-good start and a lot of criticism, Stadia is actually holding up pretty well.

Being one of the best and most reliable cloud gaming platforms, Stadia has quite some advantages for gamers who want to play games without having to buy expensive hardware. All you need is a stable internet connection and you are all set to play awesome triple-A titles. Stadia does come with a monthly subscription, but here are the top 10 awesome games that you can try out for free!

Little Nightmares Complete Edition

Inspired by the likes of Inside and Limbo, Little Nightmares Complete Edition lets you run through what appears to be endless darkness with little hope of light. Playing as a little girl named Six, you have to do everything in your power to escape this world infested with evil monstrosities.

The game is filled to the brim with challenging puzzles that push you to think outside of the box to come up with solutions that’ll help you get away from the dangers of this dark world. If you haven’t played this game before, you definitely should try it out and you can do so for free on Stadia without any subscription.

Cities: Skylines

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Cities: Skylines is a fascinating city simulation title that gives you the control of a bustling city that is in need of a ruler who can turn it into a modern metropolis. With powerful building tools, you can shape the entire city from the ground up, build railway tracks, create a healthcare system, provide security, create jobs and much more.

The game features extensive traffic simulation that is affected by the changing time of the day. There’s more to it than just laying the foundation of buildings around town, you can make policies and climb the ranks to become the mayor of your Metropolis to have more power. There’s a lot that you can do in Cities: Skylines game for hours of fun and replayable gameplay.

Overcooked: All You Can Eat

Cooking is a hectic job and that overwhelming rush that chefs have to go through when trying to cook for hundreds of people is very rare. With Overcooked All You Can Eat game, you can feel that rush too alongside your group of best mates. All You Can Eat features a combo of Overcooked 1 and 2 with hundreds of exciting levels that will keep you on your toes all along.

Play alone or tag along with your friends as you try to race against time in this exhilarating kitchen where anything can, and does go wrong, all the time. It’s a super hectic and intense game that will have you laughing out loud with your friends.

Super Bomberman R Online

Remember the good old days of playing Bomberman on Sega? Trying to over-wit your enemies by placing the bombs in the right place at the right time? Well, the stakes are much higher now! Super Bomberman R Online takes the idea from the classic and throws the goodness of multiplayer into the mix for intense action.

The game pits you against other players on a huge 64-player battlefield where only the last one standing gets crowned. While the gameplay stays similar to the classic title, the Super Bomberman R online introduces a ton of new content and features including power-ups to make things even more exciting!


Do you ever wish to change the course of history and find out how differently would things play out? Well, HumanKind lets you do just that with the whole world playing by your rules. You can change historical decisions and see the impacts that it has over time. The game features three different eras branching out to a variety of civilizations and vibrant cultures.

Each decision that you make comes with world-changing consequences. You can alter historical events and rewrite history with different names and faces that the world has never heard of. HumanKind has a free 120 min trial you can play on Google Stadia without the need of an account.

Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle

Feeling nostalgic? Pac Man Mega Tunnel Battle brings back the classic Pac man gameplay with an exciting new twist of multiplayer. Now you can relive the good old days of Pac-Man with your friends or actually foes. The game features interconnected mazes with up to 64 players and only the last one gets crowned the apex predator.

Pac Man Mega Tunnel Battle turns the retro title into a chaotic battle Royale that will have you invading other players’ mazes, and robbing them of their precious dots and powerups to become the leader of the PAC! It brings fresh new content to the table, especially for all the Pac-Man lovers out there.

Risk of Rain 2

Stuck on a mysterious planet, you have to do everything in your power to find an escape by killing through hordes of angry aliens. Risk of Rain 2 is a sequel to the original Risk of Rain title with more aliens, more weapons, and more action!

It’s an intense shooter with smooth gunplay and a gorgeous environment that will leave you mesmerized. However, don’t lose focus as the enemies will always be behind your back. Risk of Rain 2 takes the roguelike genre to the next level with fresh new content. You can also get a discount if you decide to buy Risk of Rain 2 to play on your own pc.


There is something about the dark and gothic environment that appeals to inner demons, mix it with a decent story and thrilling combat and I am totally sold! Grime just perfectly fits everything that my soul craves from a game, especially a Metroidvania. It’s an action-RPG title that puts you in the shoes of a fierce cosmic creature on a wild rampage to destroy literally anything.

The more enemies you destroy, the more power you can absorb to feed your hungry soul. Grime is filled with intense action, supernatural beasts, a breathtaking environment and so much more. Google Stadia lets you have  120 minutes of free access to the game, which although not enough, lets you experience what this game has to offer.


Developed by Fishlabs, Chorus is a modern take on the classic space shooters that puts you in the shoes of Nara, as she embarks on this journey to take down an evil organization that she once worked for. Played in third-person perspective, Chorus features a vast open-world that you can explore on your loyal spaceship known as Forsaken.

With a variety of powerful weapons to choose from, you have to fight your way through ancient temples that are filled with forces of evil and challenging puzzles. As you progress through these tunnels, you unlock new combat abilities for Nara and Forsaken to prepare for a much more difficult battle.

World War Z: Aftermath

Game developers have a special place for games set in post-apocalyptic settings and it makes sense because these games are filled to the brim with action and thrill that many gamers so badly crave. World War Z Aftermath is based on the Paramount Picture’s film and does a great job at providing an immersive experience filled with exciting survival elements and gore!

To help you slaughter hordes of more difficult zombies, the game includes a variety of lethal weapons and epic techniques. With new and intriguing story-mode missions, join forces with other survivors to battle off the army of the undead. Right now, you may download the trial edition and play for up to 60 minutes of heart-pounding excitement!

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