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Top UK Soccer Stars as Sports Betting Brand Ambassadors

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Now that the World Cup in Qatar is finished, everyone must acknowledge that football is a global phenomenon. Congratulation to the winners, but in a way, everyone can say that they had an amazing time watching the games and enjoying the most popular sport in the world. While watching football, fans can have some fun by predicting the outcome and many platforms offer you a chance to earn money on those predictions. Since the competition in this business is huge, business owners came to a new strategy – putting some familiar football faces as the brand ambassadors of betting companies. In this article, we will cover some of the famous UK soccer stars that are employed in this way.

Harry Redknapp

A former football player and manager is sort of an obvious choice for this type of role. A man who has left a deep trace in West Ham United as a midfielder and more recently a legacy as a manager on the bench of many football clubs, most notably Tottenham Hotspurs. His career and personal life often attracted a lot of attention and the media spotlight. He has also appeared in and won, several reality shows. It can be said that Harry is one of the most recognizable football celebrities in the UK. He will appear in advertising material for the betting operator.

Robbie Keane

The former Premier League and Republic of Ireland soccer star is exactly the material many betting operators, such as betting.co.uk, would want as their brand ambassador. The powerful striker scored 91 goals in 238 appearances for Tottenham, 68 goals for his national team, and 83 goals in MLS for LA Galaxy. He also managed to appear in the shirts of Liverpool, Inter Milan, Leeds, and Celtic. His rich football career made him one of the greatest Irish players and a well-known face in the UK.

Peter Crouch

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Another striker that is well-known and loved in the UK is a sports betting brand ambassador. Peter Crouch, with 591 appearances in various English clubs is certainly someone who can attract people to your brand. He even played for England’s national team. Naturally, he was a dangerous player when the ball was crossed to him in the opponent’s box. He is a proud owner of the record for most headed goals in Premier League history, scoring 53 goals. His body structure would make you think that he is more suited for basketball, but his height never bothered him to try some bicycle kick goal attempts and be successful at it a couple of times.

Jason McAteer

The former Liverpool midfielder decided to put on a Reds shirt even though his transfer to Blackburn was nearly done. His childhood dream was fulfilled that day, as he supported Liverpool as a boy. Since Blackburn’s manager at the time was Kenny Dalglish, his decision was well received. The cooperation between Rovers and McAteer was established at later date, as he signed for this club in 1999.


Those are some of the UK soccer stars that are now employed as brand ambassadors for sports betting operators. No doubt that they are recognizable faces in the United Kingdom, and that is important for the marketing strategy of the company. Fans who enjoyed the football they’ve played or managed will certainly be interested in the brands they represent.

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