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Video Marketing best practices – 2021 overview

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According to experts video marketing is the best strategy to reach the audience or consumers. It’s an effective way to present the subject and build the connection based on trust. Video marketing offers tools and strategies that allow video content creators to tell the tale in an inspiring and entertaining way, and give dimension to the information. 

In the previous years, the power of video was only growing and this almost ending 2021 is no exception. Unsurprisingly, this year video content was one of the most used marketing tactics yet again. However, there is a huge difference between producing video content and making engaging, emotionally involved videos. The following practices, that proved their worth in 2021, might help those unhappy with the response to their video content.

Simple and clear content

This rule is particularly important for video marketing beginners, who should use simple tactics, clear images, and make their content in a shorter form. Video with a direct message means putting the relevant information and crucial messages only. The content should have clarity, but also be impactful so that the audience remembers it. During planning, this is something worth spending time on. Video marketing tools can come in very handy to tell the story engagingly and emotionally. If the video is made for the particular online video platform then the chosen tool key features will work with platform metrics and use the given possibilities to the fullest. Adding practical angel, humor, or shock factor can inspire an audience to share the video much faster and therefore boost the sale. However, speaking from the promotional point of view, these tactics should be done not just carefully but also tastefully.

Story is crucial

Video creators should repeat this statement over and over, like a mantra, until it’s deeply rooted in their creative core. Video has less than 10 seconds to grab the viewers’ attention. To describe the meaning and importance of storytelling, let’s say that it’s the start, the essence, and the end for any kind of media, and video is not an exception. To create engaging content, the structure of the story known as dramatic arc needs an obstacle for the main characters and a moment of resolution with a positive outcome.

The main idea is to involve potential customers emotionally so that they can connect with the brand, product, or service on a personal level. To make any item desirable, creators have to know their audience and understand their needs and preferences. This will enable them to find the best story line and fit the item into customers’ lives perfectly.

Optimization and responsiveness

Optimized video is more SEO friendly which means that its exposure on social media platforms or the Internet, in general, is much bigger than without it. Optimization is the tool to bring the audience to the website or social media profile and raise awareness about a campaign or product. It can be achieved with a few simple actions, such as providing a transcription of the video to make it visible on Google search, using keywords in the title and description of the video content, and mapping the video and submitting it to Google Search Console.

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Since most people watch videos on mobile phones and iPads it’s recommended to use tools that reduce the video quality and adjust it to the bandwidth compatible with the majority of viewers. The length of the video should also be determined based on the platform and its algorithms. Details and small things such as the appropriate text size can be of great importance too, and increase the audience responsiveness to the video while creating a pleasant watching experience.

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