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Interesting facts about animation

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We all know what cartoons are.  Everyone loves them at any age.  We watched it in childhood, we can review it at 20 and 30 years old.  Many people watch cartoons throughout their lives, since the active history of animation goes back much more than one century.  The technology of creating cartoons has changed over the years, having undergone changes.  Now most of the cartoons have been taken over by computer processing, but drawn cartoons nevertheless remain.

However, more and more people are using animation in their cartoons.  We will talk about it today.

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Let’s move on to some interesting facts!

1) Does everyone know Walt Disney?  And Mickey Mouse?  The black mouse, which conquered most of the planet and his voice and appearance are known to everyone from young to old, was originally planned by its creator under a completely different name – Mortimer.  What did Walt Disney want from that name?  I’m afraid we won’t find out, but definitely thank you to Walt’s wife, who insisted on the name that we all know now – Mickey Mouse.

2) Tom Cruise, Robin Williams, Alice Milano.  Almost everyone, you have heard at least with the edge of your ear.  Almost no one knew that famous Walt Disney characters such as Aladdin, Jin, The Little Mermaid (in the same order as the above people) were copied from living people.  Be that as it may, if you do not know these facts, all the same, the heroes are gorgeous.

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3) Chip and Dale is a cult animated series, everyone was waiting for it in childhood.  So, has anyone heard of a character like Gadget?  And you, for certain, also do not know that this is “Gadget”.  Can you imagine?  Gadget is a nickname, and the real, almost never mentioned name is Gadget.  A mystery shrouded in darkness, why complicate and not give a name that suits more, but it’s quite interesting.

4) Who in childhood cried over such a masterpiece as “The Lion King”.  The cartoon is so beautiful and unique (by those old standards) that it was simply impossible not to watch it year after year.  So, we are talking about the fact that it was not just that a brilliant cartoon turned out.  For this, the film crew specially visited the Savannah, in order to more thoroughly and meticulously study the characteristics of the behavior, movements and lifestyle of the animals living there.

5) The Oscar winning process is very prestigious.  What do you think it was like for Walt Disney when he received this statuette every year?  Not only that it was so and Walt’s house has an Oscar museum, but also behind the famous cartoon “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” the genius of animation received one big and seven small “Oscars”.

6) Probably you won’t believe it, but there was a cartoon on which the Disney studio worked for ten years, but it was never recognized by the audience.  The name is really not very attractive – “Black Cauldron” (1985).

7) Tarzan.  A gorgeous book and many stories about this hero make you plunge into the world of dangers and beauty of the wild forest.  So, we are talking about a cartoon from the Disney studio, it turned out to be the most expensive in history.  More than $ 145 million was spent on its production.

8) An interesting fact from the cartoon “The Little Mermaid” (released in 1989), the main character – the little mermaid Ariel – had six sisters and all their names began with the letter “A”: Aquat, Adela, Andrin, Arista, Attin and Alan.

10) Have you watched the cartoon “Dunno on the Moon”?  There was the so-called Island of Fools, which turns out to be insanely similar to the Island of Pleasures “Pinnocchio” (1940).  And the scene with the transformation of people into animals turned out just like a copy, with the only difference that in “Dunno” people turned into rams, and in “Pinocchio” the gouges turned into donkeys.

These are the interesting facts you can learn in the world of animation.  Therefore, if you want to create a cool project, then just contact a specialized company and get a cool animation video, cartoon or film made according to all your wishes.

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