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Online Bingo Boom in the UK

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Bingo – a game of ‘chance’ and one which requires very little learning when it comes to its rules and ‘how to play’. It therefore comes as no surprise that the game is enjoyed by millions of people from around the globe – young and old – who enjoy its simple nature, as well as the opportunity to win cash prizes along the way.

It is believed that more than one hundred million people – worldwide – play bingo on a regular basis, with 3.5 million of these residing in the United Kingdom. However, it is not just your average person that enjoys partaking in the popular ball game as there are a number of celebrities who are also partial to a game or two. And part of the reason the game boomed is that it comes with various themes which also translate over to online bingo and slots.

If you are also interested in playing video slots, you can get more info about slot sites here. Like bingo slots are popular, so much so that there is now a Slingo brand that mixes video slot gameplay with bingo gameplay.

Bingo – a Royal Approval

This includes two of the world’s most well-known individuals – and members of the British royal family – Queen Elizabeth II and her grandson, HRH Prince William. During his time in the military – and when based at Sandhurst – Prince William reportedly used to venture down to the local bingo hall to enjoy a few games of bingo.

It has also been reported that the game is a popular choice when it comes to socialising amongst the royals – especially during the festive season – when the Queen enjoys Christmas spent with her family.

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 Rock ‘n’ Roll Bingo

Part of the modern revival of UK Bingo and a game that has also proved a popular pastime amongst some of the biggest names in music – including three of the planet’s iconic figures from the music world. Robbie Williams – along with the frontman of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger and U2’s Bono – are huge fans of the game.

Well-known for his mega tunes, ‘Angels’ and ‘Let me Entertain You’, Robbie Williams has enjoyed hosting bingo parties, which have reportedly raised thousands of pounds for charities around the globe.

Mick Jagger and Bono are also known to enjoy playing bingo – with both of the legendary rockstars hosting parties for the rich and famous.

Bingo and the Rest of the Celebrity World

Other figures from the celebrity world that enjoy playing the historical – and world-renowned – game of Bingo include Hollywood stars, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones – with the Australian actor, Crowe, having been reported to have once taken on the role as bingo caller before rising to fame in the film industry.

And Zeta-Jones love for the game started from a young age, with the Welsh actress going on to have her very-own bingo halls – where the highly creative star even produced custom bingo cards and balls. Another celebrity that enjoys playing bingo is the supermodel – turned actress – Kate Moss, who is known to have regularly played the game when living in the United Kingdom – and who now looks to get her bingo-fix playing online.

There are also plenty of other well-known celebrities from a wide-range of sectors that play – or have involved themselves in – the world of bingo.Nowadays, you’ll even find celebrity faces fronting campaigns for a variety of bingo-related companies – including famous faces appearing in television advertisements aimed at those who may be interested in playing the game online.


It is clear for all to see that bingo is very much a game that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone around the world – whatever your status.

With its simple and easy format, the game can be enjoyed with family and friends or even as part of a wider social event – which many celebrities have partaken in – raising much-needed funds for charity along the way. And as already shown, the game has even received royal approval – which goes to show that however rich and famous you are – bingo can certainly provide a lot of fun and enjoyment for all.

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