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What’s the point of Slingo’s Wild Symbols?

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Symbols have been around since time immemorial, which is a long time! They’ve been used in different cultures and genres to signify or represent different things. Symbols also feature heavily in games, and always have done.

Very often they add an extra dimension to games, perhaps getting an extra spin on the wheel, or even missing a go. Some symbols are known as wild and, just as their name suggests, are unpredictable. 

What Are Wild Symbols?

Wild symbols, known as wilds, are considered special mainly because they don’t tend to have a value of their own, unlike other symbols, in games. They can be used to make winning combinations with other symbols. For instance, in Slingo Lightning, the joker is the wild, which you can use to get a Slingo.   

They tend to feature in a lot of bingo Slingo games, and may even have more than one type of wild symbol. In the Egyptian-themed Book of Slingo, there are not only wilds but super wilds, as well. The Book of Slingo will have different symbols to represent them, which will be different to any other game that may have more than one wild symbol.

which will be different to any other game that may have more than one wild symbol.

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Wild Symbols in Games

As we’ve shown, wilds vary according to the game they’re in. This adds to the anticipation of coming across one during a game. Let’s have a look at a few different wilds.

In Da Vinci Diamonds, an opulent backdrop with a Renaissance theme, it has its wilds allowing a player to mark a position in the column it appears. But with a super wild, players can mark any place in the grid they’re in. 

In contrast, Slingo Big Wheel, which is a take on the popular game show Wheel of Fortune, goes one step further with its super wilds. If a player lands on one after the wheel has been spun, it lets players mark a whole column off their grid. 

It’s always worth reading up on the games you want to play, so you know what symbols represent. As you can see, symbols can represent different things in games. By being aware of what they are, you’ll develop an understanding of how to play, and perhaps even develop a strategy, if one is needed. Wilds are great additions to games and can be a game-changer when a player lands on one.

Wild symbols are unpredictable elements of games that help to keep things fresh and dynamic for players. Not knowing when wild symbols will feature, or how they can be used, adds to this and keeps players returning to play them, time and time again.

With different themes, there certainly isn’t a shortage of them it’s just a case of finding the game that appeals to you. It won’t be long until you come across a wild symbol in it and have to decide what to do next. Just make sure you know what the game is about and how to play to make the most of the wilds you get.

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