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Where to Exchange BTC to ETH Safely and Fast?

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The pioneers and permanent leaders of the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin and Ethereum, attract the attention of absolutely everyone who has heard about cryptocurrency at least with the edge of their ear.

Almost all large investors investing in cryptocurrency must have one or even both of these coins in their investment portfolio.

Such a high level of trust in these cryptocurrencies can be easily explained: they have existed longer than all other projects and have already established themselves as a safe and fast means of payment. They certainly will not disappear anywhere and in the future they will only grow in price.

Asset diversification is one of the key investment rules. It is impossible to completely exclude losses, absolutely all investors, including the most successful people in the world, faced such troubles. The only thing that can and should be done in order to avoid a financial catastrophe, limiting ourselves to just troubles, is to invest in different types of assets.

In addition to buying Ethereum for Bitcoin for savings, trading in the ETH / BTC cryptocurrency pair is also popular.

Traditional cryptocurrency exchanges and instant exchange services

There are hundreds of trading platforms on the Internet where you can convert Bitcoin to Ethereum for different purposes. It can be both trading and accumulation of funds for the purpose of long-term investment.

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Trading platforms are divided into two groups:

  • Traditional trading platforms;
  • Instant exchange services.

Features of working with traditional platforms

Among the common features of all classic exchanges, it is worth mentioning the mandatory registration of an account. Additionally, the site may request account verification, which will require at least an identity card. This will take some time. Verification of the provided data can take from several tens of minutes to several days.

In addition to wasting time, this is unsafe in the modern realities of the digital world, since no database on the Internet is 100% protected from hacking.

Many classic exchanges provide their clients with cryptocurrency wallet services. That is, after the exchange is completed, your coins are credited to the exchange wallet and remain there until you withdraw them to your personal wallet on your device. The exchange is fast within the trading platform, but additional steps and some time are required to withdraw coins to your personal wallet.

One of the basic tips for ensuring financial security on the Internet is: don’t store your funds in online exchange wallets for too long. Especially when it comes to large amounts intended for long-term storage.

Instant exchange – fast, reliable, safe

Instant exchange services do not ask for any data. You just go to LetsExchange and fill in the widget:

  • In the upper field, indicate the coin for sale BTC and the amount of coins.
  • Select ETH in the lower field.
  • Indicate the address of your wallet;
  • Replenish your deposit.
  • Press the “Exchange” button.

Calculation of the amount in ETH at the current rate, search for current deals, selection of the most advantageous offer – all this is done automatically. After you confirm the transaction, the transaction is completed and the coins are credited to your wallet.

This is the fastest and safest way to exchange, since your coins are out of your wallet for exactly as long as it takes to complete the transaction.

In addition, LetsExchange does not have any restrictions on the number and amount of swaps in any of the available directions, and all operations are performed without fees.

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