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4 Luxurious Celebrity Bathrooms

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Many celebrities are known for their luxurious lifestyle. From their outfits to their cars, everything screams lavishness. Their homes are also elegant, and so is every part of it, including their bathrooms. Some of these stars share a snap of their bathrooms at home, and they are jaw-dropping. They are stylish and spacious. Some have a freestanding bath, while others have a built-in one. They also have shower enclosures, while some come with steam and other modern features. If you are looking for bathroom inspirations, these fabulous celebrity bathrooms are your top bet.

Emilia Clarke

The 34- year old English actress is known for her various roles on TV and the movies. One of her most popular role is playing the character Daenerys Targaryen in the TV series Game of Thrones. After a tiring day at the set, Clarke can be sure that she will get relaxed with her chic bathroom. It has white walls and a wood accent that gives that refreshing feel. It has a bathtub and a steam shower where she can enjoy a spa-like experience at home. The overall look is simple and minimalist, but it is still elegant in its own way.

Jessica Alba

The Dark Angel brunette is not just a popular actress, but she is also a businesswoman and a mom of three. She is also active in doing charity works. Wearing several hats can be tiring, which is why she deserves a luxurious bathroom where she can enjoy her “me” time and pamper herself. It has this royalty vibe because of the chandeliers and lighting fixtures that will remind you of those movies that feature the home of kings and queens. The focal point of the bathroom is the round bathtub that is seated on a brown wooden pedestal. There’s also the spacious, rectangular glass enclosure behind the bathtub.

Louis Tomilson

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This former One Direction member, and a father of one, went from being an X-Factor contestant to a popular singer and band member with top hits that were played around the world. Another title to add to his belt is having one of the most luxurious celebrity bathrooms. The walls and ceiling of his bathroom are white, which he played with a patterned black and white floor. His spacious cabinets are in light blue, and above them are accents that include two round mirrors, and lighting fixtures that are in gold. There’s a freestanding bathtub at the centre of the bathroom with a shower enclosure on one side. A fluffy white rug is placed on the floor beside the bathtub, giving it extra elegance.

The Weeknd

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye or popularly known as The Weeknd is a Canadian singer who also dated famous celebrities like Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez. You will be surprised at how heavenly his bathroom is. Everything is white from the walls to the cabinets, chairs, and bathtub. The huge glass window gives an outdoor view that makes bath time even more relaxing. You can relax and dip in the waters all day with this kind of setup and view.

These celebrity bathrooms are bathroom goals. If you plan for a bathroom makeover, these are ultimate bathroom inspirations that will help with your design ideas.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/bathroom-bath-christmas-golden-4032529/

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