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Hidden Gems: Polish Casinos That Deserve the Spotlight

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Gambling and betting is an activity that people from all over the world enjoy. Casinos offer the ultimate in evening entertainment, with a generous side-helping of glamour and thrills.

There are many top casinos in countries all over the world, whether you’re close to home or further afield. If you’re travelling around mainland Europe, you shouldn’t miss this European gambling hotspots list with some of the most iconic casinos to see.

Of course, some countries are more blessed than others with casinos. The first land casino opened in Poland in 1930, and since then, they’ve never looked back. There are some big-name casinos that might make your hit list, with chains like Casinos Poland and Orbis Casino having many sites in the country. These include top-notch venues such as the Hilton and the Marriott Hotel, making them a high-class casino.

However, there are also several smaller venues that are equally attractive in a very different way. Easy to miss at first glance, they could change the way you think about casinos and what they offer.

Here are two hidden casino gems that you’ll find tucked away around Poland.

Hotel Kosciuszko

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You’d never expect a casino to be tucked away in the basement of a small, boutique hotel, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at Hotel Kosciuszko.

Located in Krakow, the hotel is in the suburbs and away from the city centre, so it’s a perfect place to relax and unwind. You can stay in any of the 20 individually themed rooms that are decorated with antiques, take advantage of the 24-hour health club and never hear a peep out of the casino.

However, if you’re looking for the best of both worlds, that’s exactly what’s on offer here. Enjoy the stylish, quaint hotel, which is a world away from the modern, glass-fronted buildings which tower over the city. But when you’re ready for a bit of fun, descend to the basement, and you’ll discover not only a bar but a bustling casino where you can play to your heart’s content.

Small, intimate and friendly, the casino experience here will show you a whole new way of playing.

Hotel Plock and Casino

Plock is one of the oldest Polish towns and has many historical sites, including the sarcophagus of two of the country’s previous rulers. Lying on the Vistula River, it offers scenic views of the water and magnificent woodland.

A far cry from the high-traffic tourist areas, Plock offers a very different experience of Poland – one that some would argue is more authentic. Hotel Plock is a far cry from the bustling crowds but still provides a sumptuous luxury with all the facilities you’d expect. With 56 rooms, there are flat-screen TVs in every unit, internet connectivity, 24-hour reception desk and satellite TV.

However, it’s the casino that many visitors will enjoy, offering fun adult entertainment that’s conveniently on-site. You’ll find more than 50 video slots plus blackjack, American roulette and poker (Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Oasis Poker and Russian Poker).

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