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Best Ways to Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary

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From your first to your 60th anniversary, there are some great ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary. You may wish to celebrate from home or arrange an event at a local hotel or another large venue that can provide event management, full catering and deal with the clean-up after the event so that you and your guests are free to celebrate in style. You could surprise your spouse with something you know they would appreciate, incorporate memories into the day and much else.  Here are some of the best ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary.   

Celebratory meal

For those celebrating a milestone anniversary, such as 25 years of marriage, a much larger celebratory meal is a chance to bring together a circle of family and friends who have been part of your story. Family and friends will not only be able to research present ideas at silveranniversarygifts.co.uk but help with arranging the event. For couples who eloped or did not have the reception they dreamed of, now is the time to make those dreams come true.

For those couples who would prefer to have a meal with loved ones at home, consider a series of smaller meals where the focus is on conversation and catching up. You can order different dishes for each dinner or create picnic baskets to celebrate with very young family members in a local park. This is the best way to celebrate a wedding anniversary if the couple feels uncomfortable under the spotlight or in crowds.

Celebrate at home

There will be some anniversaries when it will not be possible to have an extravagant anniversary celebration. However, you can arrange for children and pets to have a sleepover with grandparents or friends so the two of you can focus on each other. You can enjoy reminiscing about your wedding day whilst watching the video or flicking through photographs.

Reviewing and renewing your vows is a reminder of where you began as an officially married couple and where you are now. This is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for the love and support over the years and a chance to look to the future and potential plans you have as a couple and individually.

Be creative together

It is good to have separate interests in life, but also fun to find a hobby that you both enjoy. Use your anniversary as an excuse to try something new. You could recreate your wedding cake with the help of online videos or one of the meal courses. You could be adventurous and attempt to recreate your wedding day menu or foods from your honeymoon location as inspiration or keep it simple with a candlelit dinner in a softly lit room and good music where you can relax and enjoy each other’s company.

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Surprise your spouse

If your beloved loves surprises, consider a way that you can help make a dream come true.  If his best friend lives thousands of miles away, arrange for them to make a surprise visit to see him. Arrange his flight, a taxi from the airport and accommodation if they will not be staying with you. Plan this with a friend who will be able to help organise things and keep it as a surprise.  This could be one of the ushers at your wedding or for her, one of the bridal party could suddenly appear. You could also surprise her with a canvas print of the best photograph taken of the two of you this year.

Mark the day with a unique gift

Every anniversary should be marked with a gift. This does not need to break the bank, but simply show how much you appreciate, respect and admire your other half.  Choose a romantic gift such as jewellery or another item that will last a lifetime. A piece of home décor is something that can act as a daily reminder of the love you have for each other. You may want to plant a tree in a favourite spot that you can watch grow over time. This is a lovely reminder that whilst our personal lives can be chaotic at times, nature continues regardless.

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