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How to Protect Yourself in the online world from Cyber Attacks?

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The internet can be a very tricky place. With the excessive increase in the number of users who use the internet for work, the number of hackers has also grown. Due to Covid19, remote work is a requirement now, which means, you share your personal and confidential data online. Your data that you store on online platforms or your computers can never be fully secure from hackers. Hackers look for small signs and clues that can help them to steal your data which they use later on for personal benefits or money.

You need to take precautions to save your data from viruses or hackers that can damage it. For instance, you can ask your internet service provider about anti-virus service, if you’re a Spectrum user, you can dial Spectrum customer service number and ask them to provide you the antivirus service, no matter which provider you have, you just need to contact the customer service department.

What is a cyber attack?

A cyber attack is an illegal theft that takes place online. Many criminal-minded people use online mediums and internet connections to hack the devices of people who use those connections. If your internet connection is not safe, you can lose your personal information and confidential data.

How do I protect myself from a cyber attack?

There are various steps that you can take to save yourself from any hacking activity. When you’re working remotely or taking online classes, it is very important to make your connection secure. We often save our financial information online that means we can lose our money if we’re not aware of security steps. We are mentioning a few steps that you can take to make your online presence secure.

Download HTTPS Everywhere Extension

You can easily download the HTTPS Everywhere extension on your browser. This extension is specially designed to provide you a safe browsing experience. The most website that does not have HTTPS extension is not very secure. Once you download the extension, the hackers will not be able to trace your location, which makes your presence secure. Your activity is not traced if you are browsing safely.


A Virtual Private Network or VPN is used to provide you a safe tunnel through which you can pass without harming yourself. It is more like a gateway or passage of security. When you are using a VPN connection and a hacker tries to hack your connection, he will only receive gibberish data that could not be traced. Mostly, companies provide you a paid VPN, whenever you’re using the internet for work, make sure that you use the VPN provided by your company.

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You can also search for VPN on Google and download a VPN that has received positive reviews. Always make sure that you read the reviews of existing users before investing in any VPN service.

Readjust your DNS Settings

DNS stands for Domain Name System which is a process through which a computer can translate a domain name into computer language that consists of numerical data such as your IP address.

Mostly, your computer uses the DNS provided by your internet service provider that allows your ISP to see all the browsing requests. It can be avoided if you are using a VPN but the best practice is to readjust your setting and restrict your ISP from viewing your browsing activities.

Create Strong Passwords and Frequently change it

One thing which is predominant in every household is negligence towards passwords. Most of the users keep the same password for their Wi-Fi internet that is provided by their ISP’s. All the internet security experts recommend the users change their passwords after every three months. You must create a strong password that is difficult to decode. A strong password contains a combination of alphabets and numbers along with special characters, you must also add upper and lower case alphabets. If you create a strong password, it will be difficult to crack and your internet will be more secure.

Choose a Secure Internet Connection

You should not use the local internet service providers that have no place in the market. Always choose a secure internet connection from a reputable telecommunication company that offers you security service. You can search and find secure internet service providers such as Spectrum internet, Windstream Internet, Xfinity Internet, AT&T Internet, COX internet, etc. All these ISP’s have millions of users and they provide security along with their internet service.

Wrapping Up

As a person who uses the internet frequently, you must consider the security factor. Internet security is as important as the physical one. If you’re not secure online, you lose your information that can cause some serious trouble, you might end up losing your job if you are not able to save your confidential work details. By being an active user who is aware of the steps that he or she can take to avoid any potential harm, you can make your information and your devices protected.

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